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13-04-2010 Let your Fingers Pay the Bills

No money? Forgotten your credit card and want to buy a drink or snack from a vending machine? No problem – well in Japan anyway! New technology links your finger print with your credit card details and by simply scanning your finger you can buy what you need from these specially designed vending machines. Everyone has a unique finger print so this technology is foolproof and cannot be forged. Let’s wait and see whether this technology takes off and we start being able to pay everywhere with our fingers.


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25-03-2010 Put Your Best Shoe Forward

  Who would have thought that high tech sports shoes such as Nike Dunks would become the next fashion “must haves”? Once worn by basket ball players alone these low profile shoes were great for pivoting and balancing on court. Now it seems these durable, versatile shoes are the latest trend when it comes to partying, skateboarding and

hanging out. There are countless models of Nike Dunks Sb available from highs, lows, mids and

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jourdunks. You can even have them custom colour matched to your outfit.  It’s easy to see the appeal of a stand out shoe that will take you from the court to the party in comfort and


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22-03-2010 In Fur A Surprise

We’ve all seen Titanic and heard about the effects of global warming – but we have to ask, is this really the inspiration for the furry pants Freja and Abbey Lee were seen wearing at the Chanel show? Along with sheepskin and mohair there were gorgeous knit dresses, must have tweeds and Yeti style capes on display. The Karl Lagerfelds collection included road worthy helmets covered in chinchilla and mink designed in conjunction with Ruby, the well known French manufacturer of motorbike helmets. Jewels and sparkled detailing on the helmets also adorned on the shoulders of jackets and dresses for a fall/winter collection with street ice appeal!




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27-01-2009 The Love Sofa

The Baobab Loveseat is the newest creation to come from young Mexican Industrial Designer Christian Vivanco. Modelled on the idea of the giant Baobab trees, which store water inside their swollen trunks to endure drought, this sofa welcomes you with its protective shell, promising to envelop you in comfort. This lounge practically begs you to lie down and take the place of water in the Baobab. It is a result from Vivanco’s experiments with surfaces and rhythm, and is a continuous development of the value of mass and volume. Feel at one with nature and peacefulness with this particular chair.

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27-01-2009 It's the Final Countdown

You needn’t worry about forgetting an important date with this Countdown Clock from Sega Toys. This little digital clock not only tells the current date and time as per usual, but it also counts down the number of days, or minutes, left until a big day. So whether you need to keep track of how fast a wedding, birthday, anniversary or exam is approaching, this clock will make sure you remember to use your time wisely.

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