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Trendspotting - Your guide to latest trends

09-09-2011 Breezy Consumer Choices

A new not-for-profit organization Windmade are making it their business to identify and label products that have been made with wind power. Just like consumers have been presented with visual codes on products to guide purchase decisions (‘contains CFCs’ or ‘not tested on animals’), Windmade is highlighting energy source as an important factor to consider. With the help of collaborations with large companies like WWF and Bloomberg, the initiative aims to give eco-conscious consumers worldwide the

option to choose products based on sustainability. Windmade hope to gain more support to thrust windpower into the

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mainstream spotlight. They believe their work will “ultimately offer consumers an opportunity to invest in a fully sustainable future”. For more information, watch the
video below or go to the windmade website.


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22-12-2010 Eco Trend: Clean and go green

With the new Electrolux vacuum range, you can now help the environment while doing your housework. Electrolux is the latest company to jump on the recycling bandwagon and we think they deserve a pat on the back. Their “Vac from the Sea” range is made up of plastic waste recycled from the ocean. Not only are they environmentally-friendly, but these vacuums also come in five funky patterns. With these vacuums, you can clean with a conscience. Electrolux clearly got the memo that recycling is cool, and we’re happy that now, cleaning has a feel-good factor.

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05-06-2008 Help by Kissin'

At first glance the KissinCussin fashion label appears sexy, feminine and playful. But beneath the fun exterior KissinCussin is a business striving to help the less fortunate, with the proceeds directly helping the people of Tallala Bay, Sri Lanka, devastated by the Tsunami of 2004. Cousins Jess Brown and Hayley Maynard have created a range of pretty cotton dresses for sale, which are one shopping purchase that you don’t need to feel guilty about, as you’re helping contribute to a town’s sustainable future. 




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