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19-01-2010 Rain....Please stay!

With gumboots and raincoats becoming more and more stylish in the wet weather, it’s about time umbrellas take the plunge into the fashion world. Innovative UK based design company, Squid London, have created the latest chic accessory to brighten up the gloomy streets of England, with their first product collection – the Squid London umbrella. Made using hydro-chromatic ink, the limited edition umbrellas change into an array of colours when touched by water. Chic and practical (let’s not forget the prime purpose for an umbrella!) the Squid London umbrella will brighten anyone’s rainy day. And while helping you look uber cool, by purchasing a Squid London umbrella, you are helping others as well. The founders of Squid London, Viviane Jaegar and Emma-Jayne Parkes, have pledged to donate $2 from every umbrella to ChildReach International, a UK charity which is helping to assist children in developing countries.

With all this in mind, we’re hooked with Squid London’s umbrellas, and never want to see a sunny day again!

To purchase a Squid London umbrella, visit
RRP: AUS $45



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19-11-2008 Fridges for Flatsharing

For anyone who has ever had a roommate, the difficulties of fridge sharing can be a problem. Designer Stefan Buchberger’s Flatshare provides a solution. This modular fridge caters especially for roommate households, with a base station and up to four individual, stackable compartments allowing for everyone to have their own refrigerator space. Handles on each of the modules allow for easy transport if you move house, and each compartment can be customized with various colourful skins. There are also add-on’s that can be attached, such as a bottle opener or whiteboard, just like any other refrigerator, only better!

05-11-2008 Erasing Our Impact with Erasable Paper

We’re about to tell you something that may shock you. Ready for it? Xerox Corporation has developed erasable paper. That’s right - reusable paper, ladies and gentlemen! I bet you’re imaging how many trees we just saved by announcing that! With Xerox's technology you can print temporary documents that erase themselves, allowing the paper to be used time and

time again. The experimental erasable paper uses light to image the paper which automatically erases hours or days after the page is printed. In a world increasingly run by online and

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email publications, excessive paper use in the workplace remains a problem, but this ‘temporary’ document will reduce the amount of unwanted paper. This is the kind of innovative effort that will have a lasting and
grand impact in saving the environment.

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22-10-2008 The Magic Garden

For apartment dwellers, the traditional big backyard seems like an unattainable dream. But not any more. Jo Szczepanska’s veggie patch is the perfect solution for an urban garden, emulating rolling hills and cultivated pastures. It even comes with an in-built irrigation system. The product has fittings that make it easy to mount onto a wall frame or place on the balcony. The garden is available for purchase by the metre, off a 1.5 metre roll, allowing you an instant garden once you get home and set it up. Apartment agriculture just got better.

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19-09-2008 Take the Pub Wherever you Go

So you’ve been thrown out of the local pub one too many times to make a return visit with workmates? Or none of your workmates can decide on where to go for the next work function? With the world’s first inflatable pub from Amber Iris, a company that focuses on designing and providing inflatable buildings and products for certain occasions, your dilemma is solved. The Portable Pub is the perfect solution for sprucing up those corporate events or to complement your existing business. It holds up to 50 guests, takes an hour to assemble and with its PVC walls it’s also completely, 100% drunk proof!

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21-08-2008 A Pipe to Crash

Take a portion of a large drainage pipe, fill it with a bed and some homely decorations and enjoy the result - a practical outdoor sleeping space. Austrian Art College graduate Andreas Strauss set out to create an economical and minimal-hospitality unit. Set in the grassy park by the Danube, in the Austrian city of Ottensheim, the pods are conveniently positioned near bathrooms, a bar and a cafeteria. Book a ‘room’ online and codes for the personal pod suite are sent via post. Wandering students will love that there’s no fixed price. Simply leave whatever amount you find fair for your length of stay, before setting off on your next adventure.

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18-07-2008 Friendly Kiosks

Giving a successful conference or presentation may be the deciding factor in securing a better employment position. With this in mind Friendlyway created their new touch screen kiosks, the Friendlyway Imagine 32. Specifically designed to maximize team-oriented face to face communication, the table contains a central glass, touch sensitive top, allowing easily accessible control over presentations and applications. The table also comes connected to a highest level of performance, multimedia computer, guaranteed to deal successfully with sophisticated media presentations. The Friendlyway Imagine 32 is the ultimate aid to an accomplished conference presentation.




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27-06-2008 One Cup of Water and a Tablespoon of Genius

In what has been considered a water saving move, Xeros has developed patented technology which only needs a cup of water in each wash cycle. Hailed as the world’s first ‘virtually waterless’ washing system, the revolutionary technology discovered by researchers at the University of Leeds is set to become a commercial reality. The system works by tumbling plastic granules or chips with the clothes to remove practically all types of everyday stains. Clothes feel as fresh as if they had just been put through an ordinary washing machine with the advantage of being almost dry. Only time will tell if tumble-dryers and clothing lines are a thing of the past.


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23-06-2008 Farming at your Doorstep

Care to rid the world of its food, water and energy crises? A Columbia University professor might just have the answer. Dickson Despommier is the brains behind the Vertical Farm Project, a venture that has been described as ‘Agriculture on the 34th floor of a big city skyscraper’.
The concept of indoor farming will offer the promise of urban renewal, sustainable production of a safe and varied food supply and the eventual repair of ecosystems. The advantages are aplenty as cities can buy products locally, no pesticides or harmful chemicals are used and less water is distributed for irrigation, giving ecosystems the chance to bounce back.

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