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27-08-2010 Everybody do the

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name sounds like one big party. Zumba is a fun fusion of hypnotic Latin rhythms combined with a great work out routine. There’s no need to be an expert with this fitness program. Get hooked on an hour of calorie-burning and body-energising fitness movements with a universal Latin flavour routine that everyone can follow. In fact, it won’t feel like a work out at all. Instead, participants say it’s like a party without the alcohol. Zumba is taught in an impressive 60,000 locations in 105 countries with 7.5 million bodies moving to the same rhythm. 



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19-01-2010 Spring without the Springs...

Jump into the new trend that all jumpers are raving about – The Springfree Trampoline. And why so fantastic? Firstly it’s safe – the World’s Safest Trampoline , to be exact. World class engineers have developed this design with all areas of accident prevention covered for avid trampolinists. With a FlexiNet Safety Enclosure System on the 8ft Round Trampoline they’ll be no leg breaking, no bruise making and no body parts caught in between the springs…

However don’t worry, young jumpers, The Springfree Trampoline will still spring you high into the air – it’s made of strong and extremely flexible fiberglass rods, located under the surface. So get jumping!

Prices range from $945 – through to Jumbo trampolines which start at $2035. Available hereto purchase online.


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02-02-2009 Take Away Karaoke

Everyone knows that karaoke is that shameful secret you keep behind closed doors, that guilty pleasure you partake in on a crazy night out with friends and no one knows this more than the creators of karaoke bar Lucky Voice, a Soho establishment in London’s Poland Street. This enterprise has catapulted into success, opening up more private party rooms in several locations. Now you can do it all for free in your living room (singing karaoke that is). Create the ultimate playlist with a branded karaoke party planning website and cute accompanying equipment. You’ll have access to more than 6300 songs, 1000 of them for free. Play them on the big screen, add more to your playlist and

don’t forget to raise your voice to the rooftops. Product comes with a tone deaf guarantee.

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