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26-09-2011 Design Trend: Into The Wild

Unlike the Sean Penn film that ended in tragedy, delving ‘into the wild’ has never been so trendy. The environmentally conscious are taking their consumer habits one step further and HAVP - Access Denied
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choosing handcrafted, non-industrial and organic materials to wear on their bodies as fashion statements or to incorporate into commercial spaces. By adopting the primitive textures of fur, leather, clay and wood, people are moving closer to nature and are redefining our notion of wilderness chic, which once valued the outdoor look of mountaineers and hikers.

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02-09-2011 Design Trend: Japanese Obi Belts

The obi belt, once restricted to complete a Japanese kimono has been transformed into an everyday fashion design trend thanks to designer Marc Jacobs. Not long ago the Spring/Summer Louis Vuitton and Gucci runways were sprinkled with obi belts wrapped around models’ midriffs. Now the likes of Natalie Portman and Kate Hudson have been spotted sporting the accessory too. Obi belts can be worn to add a shot of colour or texture to an outfit. They can also be used to faux-tailor clothes to fit perfectly. The obi belt complements the female form by nipping in the waist and accentuating it. There’s more to Japanese than sushi; obi belts are a promising Eastern influence to add to your wardrobe. For more obi belt fashion pictures, click here or watch the full Gucci spring/ summer runway show below.