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16-06-2011 Lifestyle Trend: Fake it till you Make it!

The classic theory that appearing unavailable attracts the attention of the

other sex has inspired the

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invention of Cloud Girlfriend. It is a fantastical online service that believes the
best way to get a girlfriend is to already have one. But not everyone is so lucky in love. The website supplies a behind-the-screen live woman who becomes a faux girlfriend, posting comments on the dateless man’s Facebook wall. With some recent development, the Cloud Girlfriend site will also allow both men and women to source and communicate with a so-called partner through the website. According to its creators, although the partner is not real, the online contact can prepare the dateless man or woman for when the real prince or princess charming arrives. And, it’s a cheaper way to “date”. “Practice makes perfect”, they say.

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10-05-2011 The Nasty Face of Sharing

Creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is notoriously, a man of ingenuity. Now, his contingent of over 500 million active members is growing to be discerning and they're getting smart. In keeping with the sceptical theme of an American 60 Minutes episode, where reporter Lesley Stahl brutally questioned Zuckerberg on Facebook's privacy policies, new sites are being launched to "reclaim your privacy". This new lifestyle trend sees websites like Reclaim Privacy and Untangle's SaveFace recruiting users to install their products to reset your privacy settings on your Facebook account. While Openbook  provides a unique and open tool to search Facebook updates, the demand for defamation lawyers who specialise in online media is developing rapidly.