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10-09-2010 The Bicycle House Removalists

Who doesn’t love a good bicycle (apart than angry drivers)? Bicycles get you from A to B without harming the environment. They also conjure up images of whimsical spontaneity, weaving in and out to avoid pedestrians. Ever imagine that bicycles might replace moving vans? It makes sense for city dwellers that don’t need to travel far. Various groups of citizens and other community minded folk around the world have cottoned on to this new trend from the intricate narrow lanes of Barcelona, the bicycle friendly Copenhagen to the communities of San Francisco. An entire office of workers even moved their office supplies via bicycle– dedication to the cause!


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21-08-2009 Save energy while you search the web

Google is now the world's most popular home page and few of us think twice about clicking on it when we want to search. Did you know it was possible to save energy while you surf?
You can by using Blackle. Blackle is an energy saving search engine, powered by Google Search. According to research, monitors use more energy to display white screens than dark screens so Heap Media created Blackle to remind us all of the need to take small steps in our everyday lives, to save energy. Blackle came from a blog post in 2007 which suggested that a "Black Google" would be a way to save energy. To date Blackle has saved over 1,400,300.100 mega watts of energy and the counter on their website continues to grow. However small the contribution from each user, Blackle encourages us to remember it all counts in the end and aims to save energy "one click at a time".


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16-01-2009 Gift for your Skin

Going natural is all the rage at the moment and this extends to looking after our skin. Naturopath and

Herbalist Barbara Filokostas created the Botani line of skin products, intent on enabling people the pleasure of continuous skin health. These products utilize premium natural ingredients to restore balance and

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overall skin health, enhancing your natural beauty. There are a variety of skin products available, such as hand creams, exfoliating scrubs and
general healthy skin packs, all in environmentally friendly packaging. Treat your skin and try Botani.


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10-10-2008 Happiness From Within

Surely a line of clothing named the Goddess of Happiness can only aim to please. Originating from the West Indian state of Gujaret, and funded by Agrocel, which endorses the ideas of Gandhi, the brand goes back to basics. The Goddess of Happiness (Goettin des Gluecks) is the only fair-trade clothing brand and eco fashion designer from Austria. With beautiful, intricate designs made entirely from sustainable fabrics, the brand also aims to promote the equality of women and the socially disadvantaged. You can rest assured of this legitimate cause with the guarantee of the DC Fair Trading Ltd and 15,000 smallholder families who profit from the organisation’s extensive advice service.

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22-09-2008 All' s Fair in Love and Pamoyo

Pamoyo is a fashion brand that dances to the rhythm that it dictates, taking advice from the streets of Berlin, from the past and the future and combining it all to create collections with inventive artistry that really packs a punch. Not confined by the obstacles of time or the chains of trends, Pamoyo is all about looking for ways to increase green social production without compromising on quality and authenticity. There’s no need to hide behind superficiality with Pamoyo, a brand which aims to embrace all that is real, fair, social and green. It’s simple. Just embrace who you are. Humour, creativity, innovative concepts, sub cultures and retro images combine to make this powerful, rhythmic collection from Berlin.

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15-09-2008 Come and sit with Insitu

Not only are Insitu products recognised locally and internationally for their commercial design and hospitality, this independent company is also putting Ecological Sustainable Development on the map. Using safe and environmentally sound business practices, Insitu works to nurture a culture founded on excellent, responsible environment performance that doesn’t compromise on safety. The products have unique, eye catching designs like the Hollow series, a functional seating system with an open centre frame and a weather resistant surface which makes it suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Take your pick of the innovative series; it could be just what your home is looking for.

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08-09-2008 Putting Bums on Seats

The great outdoor festivals and concerts are often a huge platform for environmentally conscious artists to spread their eco message. So what better way to listen, than while seated on a GreenSeat GreenSeat, a company from the Netherlands, has written a memo to itself: ‘We put trees ahead of profit’. Sounds idealistic, but their ventures to date appear to do just that. The GreenSeat is a small collapsible-system seat with back support, made of corrugated cardboard. Not only will bottoms be able to sit for longer, you’ll be less crabby by the end of the night in your 100% recyclable GreenSeat. With low production costs, simplified distribution and collapsible chairs that make transportation a breeze, you’ll be singing all the way home.

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12-08-2008 Organic Threads and Home Delights

One is hard pressed to find products by local artisans who use recycled materials to create hand-sewn, custom tailored, limited edition garments with sustainable ideas and philosophies. Luckily, the good team at Alabama Chanin make it their mission to do this very thing. The products include recycled metals and cotton jersey, as well as organics when possible. Ordained with the Alabama touch by Natalie ‘Alabama’ Chanin, you can find anything from sustainable clothing and home furnishings to a limited edition jewellery line. You won’t find two of the same item, with each one cut, painted, sewn, poured, moulded, polished and sewn by hand.

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05-06-2008 Luxurious Green

Nature lovers beware: high quality, sophisticated and elegant fashion just got eco-friendly and socially aware with FIN. Hailing from Oslo, Norway, the fashion label has already attracted celebrities like Keira Knightley and Kate Bosworth into its ever increasing list of FIN fans. FIN is much more than just a luxury brand – it personifies the ever increasing social and environmentally aware world we live in.



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05-06-2008 Green in the Fashion World

Teknion’s New York showroom came alive with the 2nd annual Project Earth Day. It is an opportunity for leaders and future leaders in the design industry to get together and exchange their ideas and visions about sustainable, environmentally friendly and innovative fashion. Expected was an extravaganza on the catwalk, with all bags, dresses and jewellery on display. And that was what the audience received as well. The event was a tad exclusive (invite only!) but you can check out the website for more information on the featured designers.


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