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03-02-2011 Eco-deco your home

If you have a lot of ‘junk’ lying around your house and no idea what to do with it, Mark and Sally Bailey’s “Recycled Home” book is a must-read. This couple have an eye for decorating and a knack for recycling. Through photos and explanations, they show their readers how to turn old furniture, clothes, and flooring into household items and features. They are experts in transforming old or unloved household objects to the point where they become masterpieces. These authors will inspire you to decorate your home in an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and creative way. Follow their lead and you may end up with a one-of-a-kind home and

people asking for the name of your decorator!

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Content Source: http://ecofriendlyfashion.blogspot.com

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05-03-2009 Walking on Leather Belts

Only in London could you find mosaic floors made entirely from leather belts. Ting London has come up with the concept of using their recycled leather belts as a way of tiling floors. Originally the concept was a mat with the same recycled belts but the concept has since evolved to bigger and

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brighter ambitions. Check out the latest modular floor tiles, fabricated with vintage leather, it provides a sleek, alternative look with no two tiles ever looking the same. It’s a unique way to decorate a floor, with each reincarnated belt telling a different story...

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11-12-2008 Bike Beauty

Bikes are not just for exercising according to Resource Revival. They utilize discarded bicycle parts by crafting them into innovative products. There’s the Bike Chain Photo Frame and

the Bike Chain Bowl, as well as bottle openers and clocks. Founder Graham Bergh has the desire of opening people’s eyes to the possibility of a sustainable future, where everything is powered by renewable energy and people are aware of the energy they consume and the products they buy. Resource Revival provides a great example of how anything can be recycled into something useful.

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17-11-2008 Trip the light fantastic

These amazing light creations are the work of David Trubridge, a New Zealand designer who uses sustainably grown local timbers in his practice. To further the environmental appeal of these lights, all lights can be fitted with an energy saving globe.You can buy these stunning lights at Mondo Luce that also have a fantastic range from other companies such as: Vistosi (winners Milan Fair Compass de Oro 2003), Inside and Mazzuccato.

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12-11-2008 Egging it on

Eggs have new purpose. Not only are they edible, they’re also canvases for design. Using ostrich eggs, Johannes Hoyos has created a series of beautifully crafted products that expand on the idea of nature improving. The Vase de Luxe has scattered holes that provide sufficient space for arranging flowers. An ordinary egg thus becomes a beautiful household item. There are also various versions of the saving eggs, which resemble piggy banks in idea. The slot caps come in both copper and silver, and all eggs can be bought in an array of colours. That’s worth a dozen.

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07-11-2008 Up for a Bit of Sun in a Jar?

There are jam jars and then there are Sun Jars and it’s hard to tell which one we love more - but the Sun Jar wins points for being so unique! You’d be forgiven for once thinking that doubling a traditional Mason jar as a source of light is preposterous – even more so if you discovered that to use it, you simply place it under the sun. It works with a solar cell inside the jar which captures natural sun energy to create an electrical current that charges the battery over a few hours, filling it with energy efficient lighting that powers the three low energy LED lamps inside the jar, just in time for nightfall. Like a candle, but without all the drippy wax and the possibility of setting something alight (which is always useful).

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04-11-2008 Get Mooving

The first "Cows on Parade" was held in Zurich in 1988 and has grown into one of the world's largest public events. Each cow parade features spectacularly designed life-sized fibreglass cows. The same spirit has been captured in this series of miniature and highly collectible sculptures from the Australian gift supplier Jasnor. Next to this adorable cow collection, they sell children's toys as well as nursery items.

Source: room2room, September 2008

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03-11-2008 Any Excuse to Dress up your Walls!

If you can see peeling wallpaper decorations in your home, than you need to do either one of two things. Stop looking at your walls or start paying more attention to them! Keep your walls looking fresh and funky with these removable wall decals from Vinyl Design. Not only are they modern, suave and unique looking designs, but they’re also easy to apply, easy to remove and are inexpensive to boot. So when your mood changes like the wind, now you can change your surroundings too, with designs to suit every age, taste and setting.


27-08-2008 Fancy some wine with your light bulb?

The Dutch creators at Oooms are at it again with this strange new concept that will change the way you look at your wine glass collection. The wine glass bulbs start off their first lives as light bulbs, serving their sentences by filling your homes with light. When it dies out, the owner can look forward to the light bulb’s second function, the birth of a new wine glass. But be warned, staring idly at the ceiling may result in wine cravings!

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07-08-2008 Lit up like a Firefly

For a creative new way of spreading light in your home or office try Electric Firefly Design and Creation. Designed using the classic principles of geometry and based around forms of nature, the lamps are strong, safe and appropriate for any space. The different styles and colours available guarantee to set off the room they are placed within, catering for the elegant and understated, as well as the upbeat and vibrant. Hung as lampshades or simply placed on shelves or tables, the firefly lamps are an innovative new way of adding that extra punch to a room’s ambiance.


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