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13-07-2011 To Master the Art of Personal Branding

While online privacy issues have caused a global uproar as of late, a new lifestyle trend shows that more than ever, people are keen to build their image to the nth degree. Personal branding is becoming a necessity, not only for high-profile celebrities, business leaders and politicians, but also for the 'average' consumer. Victoria and David Beckham are the best example for mastering the art of personal branding. With their self-titled empire offering clothing, perfume and sunglasses, raking in a profit of over £2.2million. Celebrities aside, if you’ve ever searched your name on the web and results reveal your drunken Facebook snaps, perhaps it’s time to reconsider your own personal brand that potential employers will judge you by. Personal portals such as and are new online tools that allow you to create one customisable web page that compiles all your existing online profiles. It seems success is becoming dependent on how well you market yourself, Beckham or not.


08-02-2010 Trendspotting Recommends Reading...

1. Brand&Branding by Josep Maria Minguet (Monsa, 2010)

What is so unique about the Brand and Branding is that the majority of the design book features pictorials, and only includes a few case studies. Showcasing the most successful brand and branding campaigns and

projects from across the industry – from corporate images to commercial work, throughout the world and

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from different mediums, including print and

Available from:

  1. For Love and Money: New Illustration, by Liz Farrelly and Olivia Triggs (Laurence King, 2010)

For Love and Money focuses on the rebirth of using illustration in designs, and how and why it has become popular again across print and digital media. The book also talks about the different illustration styles a designer is able to work with, including graffiti and even traditional sketches, and also describes the new technologies available to create impressive illustrations.
In addition, For Love and Money provides interesting information on over 80 contemporary graphic designers who use illustration in their work, including tips from each on effective use of illustration.

Available from

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