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Trendspotting - Your guide to latest trends

23-08-2010 Either Change or be Changed

There is an aesthetic quality in simple designs that can’t be matched and even more beauty to be found in using natural techniques to achieve sustainable art. The water-shaped bottle by designer Xiaoli Wen is part of a series of porcelain bottles shaped by a waterfall. The result is a gentle shape made from silicone rubber moulds of discarded plastic and glass bottles. The mould is created as it hangs under flowing water. The finished product represents the bottles which are often discarded carelessly into rivers and oceans.

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15-05-2009 Drink for the future

Re-usable eco-friendly water bottles are the newest way that you can help the environment’s future. Hygienic, durable and leak-proof, these 100% recyclable bottles are perfect for all types of beverages, whether it be water, juice or soft drink. Companies such as SIGG and Klean Kanteen have created the non-toxic and dishwasher-safe containers. A number of designs are available, as well as bottles for kids, so the whole family can get on board. The future of the environment depends on us, so help by grabbing one of these cool and classy canteens.


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30-03-2009 Bottled Water or Tap Water?

It’s the time old adage of bottled water versus tap water. But with more awareness over reducing our energy use and

greenhouse gas emissions and

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more concern over the future of our environment, people are starting to pay attention to researchers who are discovering that bottled water uses 2000 times more energy than tap water. Particularly of concern is how bottled water requires long-distance transportation, this requiring more energy than bottled water which is produced locally. So rather than leave a huge ecological footprint on the environment, think twice before you reach for that heavily packaged six pack bottle of water and
think of the soothing sounds of water running from a tap.

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