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08-02-2010 Trendspotting Recommends Reading...

1. Brand&Branding by Josep Maria Minguet (Monsa, 2010)

What is so unique about the Brand and Branding is that the majority of the design book features pictorials, and only includes a few case studies. Showcasing the most successful brand and branding campaigns and projects from across the industry – from corporate images to commercial work, throughout the world and from different mediums, including print and digital.

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  1. For Love and Money: New Illustration, by Liz Farrelly and
    Olivia Triggs (Laurence King, 2010)

For Love and Money focuses on the rebirth of using illustration in designs, and how and

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why it has become popular again across print and digital media. The book also talks about the different illustration styles a designer is able to work with, including graffiti and
even traditional sketches, and also describes the new technologies available to create impressive illustrations.
In addition, For Love and Money provides interesting information on over 80 contemporary graphic designers who use illustration in their work, including tips from each on effective use of illustration.

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14-04-2009 The Brightness of Books

Need something to make a room appear bright and welcoming? Try this idea and add excitement to your old and dusty book collection. Re-organise your bookshelf by colour and create a sort of book case installation. By simply dividing your books into separate colours, grouping them from lighter to darker shades, and arranging on the shelf by hue, you can add a new, uplifting and artistic feature to a room without the expense. Relax, read and enjoy!

Bookshelves organised by colour

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01-07-2008 Memories are made of this

There is nothing like the smell of an old, treasured book. Why settle for bland book covers when you can stare at the classics every time you pick up a treasured journal from the shelf? Ben Mason and Natalie Crupi are the creative brains behind Rebound Books, which takes the hard cover from beautiful abandoned novels, filling them with 100% recycled, tree-free denim off cuts and scraps. Each journal is handmade, unique and assembled with lots of care and affection, bound with strong wire for the finishing touch. These one-of-a-kind collectables can be found in Melbourne markets or ordered online from the site.


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17-06-2008 Who's listening?

 With the advent of the blog, these days it seems almost anyone can get published. Overheard in New York is a site that collects tidbits of overheard conversations and publishes them in a witty blog format online. The site was included in the top 50 Coolest Websites of 2005 and has been running since 2000. It has since pioneered the way for online eavesdropping everywhere, inspiring countless other sites of a similar nature like Overheard in Melbourne.The site was so popular from all the media attention, it soon developed into a book, which is now available from Ariel Bookstore on Oxford Street in Paddington.


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05-06-2008 50 Sad Chairs

Putting to rest the mystery of St Louis’ abandoned furniture is a book by Bill Keaggy. 50 Sad Chairs tells the tales of once loved but now neglected items that had to make it on their own in the mean streets of Missouri. With a stunning selection of photographs, Keaggy’s book explores the life behind the mistreated chair and other forgotten relics of existence.



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05-06-2008 Welcome to Sydney

Experience a side to Sydney’s creative scene that you never knew existed with the Sydney Design Guide. Featuring some of Sydney’s most unique galleries, cafes, bars and restaurants, not to mention all you need to know about the most talented designers living in Sydney. Cast your eye over the latest attractions and chic destinations, presented in this easy-to-use guide.

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