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17-05-2011 Sustainable Materials, less than Sustainable Art

“When I’m doing a drawing, I’m personifying the place that is empty” says sand inscriber, Jim Denevan. It seems he is not the only artist making his mark on the earth. Since the 60’s and 70’s, Land Art formed as a movement to protest against the ruthless commercialization of art in America. Within a couple of hours, sand artist, Jamie Wardley will create portraits sometimes 800 metres in diameter in the sand which are eventually corroded by the sweeping of the shoreline. While Andreas Amador and New Zealander, Peter Donnelly opt for graphical and symmetrical murals, all artists know that being precious about their masterpieces would be detrimental to their core concepts. So much for sustainability. 

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30-08-2010 Edible Crayons

Ah kids these days. They will flinch and scream at the sight of healthy food but give them some plastic or crayons and they’ll attempt to eat it somehow - which is why Luxirare might be on to something with these gorgeous edible crayons. They’re basically health bars disguised as crayons and are made up of various fruits, veggies, nuts and chocolate covered sesame seeds. They also have a melted marshmallow core and

come in a variety of colours and

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flavours. And the best part? You can draw with them! I can hear the children rejoicing already – and a few adults too.

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15-01-2009 Car Part Art

It’s an undeniable fact that men love their cars. Australian James Corbett loves them so much that he turns old car parts into various pieces of sculpture. Discovering his love of design whilst running a car recycling business, James’ work includes astonishingly life like models of cars, bikes, animals and

birds created from old and interesting car parts, all of which are kept in their original shape. He has been sculpting since 1999 and featured in the Brisbane International Motor Show for three consecutive years. This is one man who has made car loving an art form.

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27-06-2008 Art and the Dirty Car

With his car always dirty from driving along his dusty driveway, American Scott Wade turned this potentially annoying fact into a creative tool. Using the windows of his car as a blank canvas, Scott transformed it into a unique work of art. His work drew the attention of others, and now Scott has lent his artistic touch to numerous other windshields. His drawings are very detailed, ranging from animals playing poker to representations of fine art such as Van Gogh, Roy Lichtenstein and DaVinci’s Mona Lisa. Check out Scott’s amazing ability.


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19-06-2008 Self-world Portrait

Student Erik Nordenankar’s graduation project was so successful that many believed it to be a true experiment – the biggest drawing in the world. Erik pretended to draw a self portrait, with the earth as his canvas. His pen was a briefcase, containing a GPS device, and the paths the briefcase took, with the DHL international courier company, became the strokes of the drawing. In reality, DHL did not transport the GPS at any time. Erik believes his idea could one day be realized, and that eventually there will be someone’s self portrait amongst the background of our world.


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17-06-2008 Recycling the Useless

As technology just keeps on becoming more advanced, items from yesteryear are left behind gathering dust. Designer Chris Dimino has succeeded in creating a new role for many of these appliances, adapting them to become useful modern things. An old typewriter becomes a waffle maker, cooking keyboard shaped waffles, or the base of a functioning vacuum cleaner. It’s not just typewriters that have been given a face lift, with a gas mask shower head and brake drum light sconce, also products of Chris Dimino’s imagination. Check them all out in their fascinating glory.


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05-06-2008 It is all Happening

The Happening Live 2008 festival is just as the title suggests: Happening! With a combination of music, film and art, the festival promises to be a captivating combination with renowned artists on display. More importantly the festival is all in the name of a good cause, with proceeds supporting the Sea Shepherd, a non-profit organisation that works to protect whales. If you missed the festival in Sydney or Tokyo, fear not, the London, Cornwall, Paris, New York City and San Francisco leg of the tour is yet to be announced.


 The Happening - Sydney, Australia - March 14, 2008



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05-06-2008 A Century of Olympic Posters

In the lead up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, London’s V&A Museum of Childhood presents a captivating exhibition of Olympic posters. With posters in the collection over 100 years, each work focuses on sporting achievements of athletes around the world. This inspiring showcase of human ability celebrates the “greatest sporting show on earth”.


 Olympic Games London 29 July-14 August 1948 Official Poster


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05-06-2008 Outre-Alternative Art Beat

The Outré Gallery, found in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia,self-proclaimed “specialists in contemporary international pop, lowbrow, pop surrealism, street, tiki, modern folk, retro with a twist and underground art” cater for lovers of the modern. The gallery’s staff is passionately involved with art in their own right, whether as painters, collectors or admirers. For those who can’t drop by and sample the collection, an online shop and overseas shipping is available.



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