Gracing our ears are the propecia canada sound waves of Australian band, Little Blak Dress. This rock quartet have released their debut studio EP this year and cialis woman have kindly made the price viagra tracks downloadable for free on the female viagra pills band’s website. Ian Pritchett, the mastermind behind talents like Angus and cialis mail order Julia Stone and us discount viagra overnight delivery The Beautiful Girls, has produced the EP. No doubt, women are donning their LBDs and men, their little black ties and order cialis usa bopping their heads to the melodic beats of the four Newcastle musos. We catch them on the road.

Little Blak Dress: It’s a Friday evening and cialis cost we are all buckled up in the car on the way to our first Port Macquarie show. About 2 hours out of Port, incredibly bored and get viagra a little tired, we decided to get stuck into your questionnaire. So, apologies for some of the deliriously answered questions.

Trendspotting: Who or what inspires you?
Cameron: My family, I guess.
Gavin: Artistic entrepreneurs.
Marcus: Freddy Mercury.
Andrew: Jimi Hendrix.

Trendspotting:  What is the greatest invention of all time and viagra online 50mg why?
Cameron: The automobile, cause we can go to Port Macquarie.
Gavin: Mac products, (I’m a) self-confessed apple addict.
Marcus: The lightsaber, it makes cutting bread heaps easier.  
Andrew: The Internet, you can bank, shop, learn how to do heaps of crazy things on YouTube.

Trendspotting: What invention would have been better off if it hadn’t been invented?
Cameron: Fisherman pants, because Marcus looks stupid in ‘em.
Gavin: Horses, I’m secretly allergic.
Marcus: Jersey Shore, no one cares.
Andrew:  Planking, don't know if it’s an invention but its super stupid.

Trendspotting: What are the three things you don’t leave the house without?
Cameron: Keys, phone and sample viagra wallet.
Gavin: Sweet all-in-one wallet/iPhone combo, MacBook Pro and cialis 30 mg a cup of tea.  
Marcus: A smile, minty fresh breath and viagra order clean undies.
Andrew: Life-size cut-out of Kevin ‘the’ Bacon x3.

Trendspotting: What was the last concert you saw?
Cameron: Phoenix.
Gavin: Millencolin.
Marcus: Millencolin.
Andrew: British India.

Trendspotting: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
Cameron: To be heaps strong.  
Gavin: Ziggy mind powers like Professor X.  
Marcus: (Currently driving and viagra doses just out of traffic): flying, cause you would never get stuck in traffic.
Andrew: Invisibility.

Trendspotting: What’s your favourite style of food?
Cameron: Mum’s bake dinners.
Gavin: Any type of Mumsy’s cooking.
Marcus: Thai.
Andrew: Thai.

Trendspotting: If you could have dinner with any famous person, who would it be?
Cameron: Muddy Waters.
Gavin: Captain Jack Sparrow’s father.
Marcus: The entire cast of M.A.S.H.
Andrew Emma Watson (dressed as Hermione).

Trendspotting: What would you imagine the world to look like in 15 years from today?
Little Blak Dress: (That’s a) super hard essay-type question, general car consensus = crazy different, heavily reliant on the internet.

Trendspotting: If you could chose any place to live in the world where would you want to live?
Cameron: Caves Beach.
Gavin: Sweden.
Marcus: Kish Island, it’s an Island in the Middle East somewhere.
Andrew:  Hogwarts.

Trendspotting: Is there anything else you want to share with the world?  
Cameron: Nothing heaps important.
Gavin: Please support the anti-equine party.
Marcus: Nothing springs to mind.
Andrew:  I really need to pee.

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