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03-02-2012 Food Trend: Destination Dining 2012

Sometimes you need a good reason to get away. It’s not enough to just say to yourself “I need a break”, it’s good to have an excuse. Food tourism and in particular “destination dining” are certainly the flavours of 2012.  Read more here....


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14-10-2011 Bike Trend 2011: Motion By Mahogany

Conventionally thought to be too cumbersome for riding, only a few craftsmen have been successful in building timber bicycles that are a lightweight and aerodynamic transport method. Click here for the full article.

05-10-2011 Losers Keepers

Losers are now the keepers with an anonymous tagging system helping people find missing possessions without having to label the items with personal details. Click here for the full article.

28-09-2011 Luxe Rooftop Pools

Metropolises like New York and Singapore have created the next glamorous lifestyle trend for their visitors: Luxe Rooftop Pools. Click here for the full article.

21-09-2011 A Sight For Sore Eyes

Would you feel comfortable standing on an entirely glass balcony suspended 103 stories in the air? This is just one extreme experience attracting tourists to city sights. Click here for the full article.


14-09-2011 Top 10 Cookbooks

Put on your chef’s hat, get out your finest cooking utensils and get ready for the most delicious food you’ve ever concocted in your very own kitchen! Trendspotting’s selection of the Top 10 cookbooks will take you on a culinary journey through today’s top cuisines. Click here for the full article.


12-09-2011 Random Acts of Refreshment

Ever heard of Social Vending? No? Then it is time that you do! With this new marketing idea from the beverage industry, you can treat your friends to a drink even if they live across the country or at the other end of the world. Click here to see how it works.

01-09-2011 Play To Learn

Imagine your boss asks you to play video games during work hours. That will never happen, you say? Thanks to a new lifestyle trend this might happen to you sooner than you think. Click here to read the full story.

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Lifestyle Spot on Little Blak Dress


Exclusive Interview: Little Blak Dress

Gracing our ears are the sound waves of Australian band, Little Blak Dress. This rock quartet have released their debut studio EP this year and have kindly made the tracks downloadable for free on the band’s website.