12-10-2011 A Natural Match

Forget online dating. Numerous web-based projects provide matchmaking of gardeners and viagra order land owners to nurture a garden and canadain cialis cultivate relationships in the cost of cialis outdoors.Click here for the buy pfizer viagra full story.

30-09-2011 Eco-Trendy Ralph Lauren

No need to worry about your iPhone or iPod dying on your travels. Introducing Ralph Lauren’s solar panel backpack which uses the discount canadian cialis sun’s energy to charge your gadgets while on the move. Warning: hefty price tag attached. Click here for the full article.

23-09-2011 Eco Trend: Rent a Plant

They make your office look more stylish, improve air quality and discount cialis can even reduce stress! Enjoy the benefits of nature in your office with the 'hire-a-plant' concept. Click here to read the full article.

19-09-2011 Sewer Stay

Already in 2008 we introduced 'dasparkhotel' to you in our article "A Pipe to Crash". Now the trend has spread and what is better viagra or levitra purchase cialis next day delivery another eco-responsible hotel has sprouted up, located 45 minutes south of Mexico City. Click here for the full article.

09-09-2011 Breezy Consumer Choices

Is sustainability important to you? Now you can support sustainable production processes by buying products that are made with wind energy. A new not-for-profit organization has developed a label for these products. To know more and brand name cialis see what it looks like, click here.


01-09-2011 A Leaf to Power Africa

Scientists have created the world’s first practical artificial leaf that can turn sunlight and china viagra water into energy. This breakthrough could pave the way for a cheaper source of power in the near future. Click here for the full article.

23-08-2011 Eco-friendly iPad and iPhone Docking Stations

The Apple iPad is by far the hottest gadget of 2011 so it's only natural that manufacturers have produced eco-friendly docking stations to match. Click here for the full article.


11-08-2011 A Natural Beauty

Sarah Jessica Parker, Julianne Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow and cialis mail order even Tom Hanks all have something in common. And it’s not that they’re all high income-earning celebs. Even these guys are going back to basics and viagra online 50mg spurring an eco trend that environmental enthusiasts have followed for decades. Natural organic cosmetic are easier on the skin, don’t clog pores, and when using them, the skin “breathes” more naturally. For the full article click here.

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Exclusive Interview with Chris Anderson
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Exclusive Interview with Chris Anderson

This month we have a really special spot on. We are introducing you to Chris Anderson and online cialis his project "1000 Surfboard Graveyard". Read the story of a young Australian artist, trying to raise awareness on the lifecycle of a surfboard; including carbon emissions, non-renewable resource consumption and propecia disposal into landfill.