30-04-2012 Fashion Trend 2012: Unisex Watches

Fashion does love a bit of a gender mash-up. If you can move past the skindeep.se/buy-viagra-online/ boring description of “unisex” and focus on the best price viagra eye catching designs of our watches featured below, you will be blown away! Read more here.


17-10-2011 Bin Nothing, Keep Everything

Stop thinking about what to throw out next. Keep your belongings with clutter-reducing designs. Click here for the full article.

10-10-2011 Like A Star

1510 people will be sporting Nike replicas of Marty Mcfly’s sneakers from Back to the Future. Click here for the full article.

26-09-2011 Design Trend: Into The Wild

Unlace your designer hiking boots and buy propecia get ready for the new wilderness chic of handcrafted and best price viagra organic materials. Click here for the full article.


15-09-2011 Individual Ikea: Mykea

Ever felt like your room isn't individual enough with all the IKEA furniture in it? Now there is a solution for that! Personalise your room with Mykea! A smart Dutch company came up with a concept that puts an end to the era of naked IKEA furniture. Click here for the full article.

02-09-2011 Design Trend: Japanese Obi Belts

Spotted on the Spring/ Summer runway: obi belts! Once restricted to complete a Japanese kimono, designer Marc Jacobs now brought this stylish accessory to the runways of the world. Click here for the full article.

23-08-2011 Design Trend: Stick-on Fantasy

Replacing the 60’s and 70’s interior design craze of patterned wallpaper are wall stickers. Create a little fantasy in your living space or make it look more spacious. Click here for the full article.

22-08-2011 Design Trend: Bringing Nature in

No matter who you are, it’s a fact – humans are drawn to nature. The beauty of an azure ocean, the overwhelming tree stumps of a green forest or even the vastness of a remote desert. Now, people are bringing “nature” indoors. Click here for the full article.

Spot on Ben Heine


Exclusive Interview: Ben Heine

On our quest for outstanding designers we recently came across Ben Heine in Brussels, Belgium. Ben is a painter, illustrator, portraitist and buy viagra photographer who has developed amazing design concepts such as "Digital Circlism" and "Pencil vs. Camera". We interviewed Ben and best price viagra asked him where he draws his design inspiration.