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Trendspotting - Your guide to latest trends

31-03-2011 World's Most Expensive Dog

We are used to hearing stories about the #error p { world’s most expensive hotels, places to live, and holiday spots. But now, there are some new records that have captured our attention. In China, certain breeds of padding-left: 10px; dogs have become highly prized status symbols for the /* Page displayed body content area */ nouveau riche. Just recently, a Red Tibetan Mastiff puppy was sold to a Chinese coal baron for the cool price of £1 million – making it the #content { world’s most expensive dog.
The iPad 2 has barely hit stores, but already Stuart Hughes has created a super-luxurious version of the padding: 10px; gadget, one that is made up of solid 24-carat gold, flawless diamonds, and the background: #ffffff; bones of a 65 million-year-old T-Rex. This iPad is priced at £5 million. The price of beauty has also gone up, with the world’s most expensive manicure reaching $51,000.

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25-03-2011 Urban Trend: Vertical Gardens

While living in the city has many pros, one major disadvantage is the /* General text */ lack of body space for green areas and in particular gardens. Even the slickest of :lang(fa) { direction: rtl; font-size: 100%; font-family: Tahoma, Roya, sans-serif; float: right; } city slickers long for a little bit of

:lang(he) { direction: rtl; float: right; } nature to inject in their home and work environments. Aspiring gardeners will be pleased to hear about an innovative eco trend called “the vertical garden”. Vertical gardens are essentially frameworks of --> plants that are arranged on the side of a building or wall. Their grid layouts make vertical gardens great design features as well as the perfect way to enjoy greenery in apartments. Our Trendspotters have found a number of
great specialist companies that sell ready-made living wall systems for those who want to install their garden themselves. We recommend Vertical Garden Design, Green Design and Green Scape Buildings. When placed in the home or office, vertical gardens are known for improving air quality, which in turn lifts spirits and Up until now, shadows were just an unavoidable thing that artists had to consider when figuring out the placement of

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pieces in their exhibits. However, our latest design trend, shadow art, proves that the skill of the artist lies in their ability to create extraordinary and /* Page basics */ meaningful work with only the simplest materials. In their showrooms, shadow artists rearrange random items, rubbish, and junk into carefully thought-out piles. Amazingly, these piles of
‘junk’ cast very real images on to the walls behind them. Shadow art is very impressive, but almost needs to be seen to believed. If you are interested in seeing this trend for yourself, check out the websites of

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Kumi Yamashita, Fred Eerdekens, and creative duo Tim Noble and Sue Webster.

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16-03-2011 Book Trend: Fiction at Your Fingertips

Since the late 80s, technology has infiltrated all of our lives. And these days, the good old book now has to seriously compete with its online twin, the “eBook.” Microsoft and font-family: verdana, sans-serif; other players launched so-called eBooks and eReaders fifteen years ago, but the trend never really took off. Now the #sysmsg { time has come for digital reading to challenge the publishing world in a big way. The eBook revolution has been enormously accelerated by the range of tablets now on the market, including the pre { Android, Kindle, and, of course, the omnipresent iPad. Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, predicts that eBooks will surpass paperback sales sometime in the next nine to twelve months and we think he is right. We’ll keep checking the stats for you and html body { report again in due course!

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15-03-2011 Dumpster Diving: Long Live Anarchism

While the font-family:sans-serif; majority of

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people go to supermarkets to purchase food, there is a new breed of
people who are choosing to forage for their food in supermarket containers under the cover of
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night. Our Trendspotters have seen this urban lifestyle trend frequently in the media over the past year and margin: 0; we think it’s worthwhile reporting on. Dumpster diving is also referred to as ‘containering’ and ‘skipping.’ In the alternative scene, ‘scavenging’ is a protest against the /* special event: FTP / Gopher directory listing */ immorality of
throwing food away in times of economic crisis and padding: 0; widespread hunger. It draws attention to the amount of

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edible food that supermarkets throw out on a daily basis. According to the Worldwatch Institute in Washington, supermarkets discard 30%-40% of edible goods every day. In many countries, dumpster diving is illegal, but authorities are struggling to control these undercover operations. The trend has also formed a new subculture, where dumpster divers from different areas meet up to exchange various food products and background: #efefef; discuss activist projects. There is evidence of this eco trend growing in America, Europe, Australia and font-size: 12px; Japan.


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11-03-2011 Minimalism Trend: Back to Basics

We believe that minimalism is set to dominate all aspects of

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design and color: #1e1e1e; ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved culture in 2011. Our Trendspotters first detected this trend on the catwalks in Europe late last year, where designers represented their 2011 lines by sending stunningly simple clothes down the #dirmsg { runway. This clean, easy look was complemented by minimal makeup and simple hairstyles. The concept of
pared-down chic’ has also extended to interior design. Minimalism is an increasingly popular theme for new homes as well as renovations, and some features are plain walls, bare furniture and monochromatic colours. The idea behind the font-family: courier; theme is that a clear space equals a clear mind, and that the home should be a calming place to retreat to. The ‘techno’ music genre has also launched a new minimal strand, where the color: black; music features a steady beat and /* Page displayed title area */ few other sounds so as not to distract listeners. Let us know if you have seen this trend and #titles { we will post it on our Facebook wall!

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07-03-2011 Energy from your Balcony

Until now, apartment residents have struggled to find alternative ways to produce their own energy and margin-left: 15px; ‘do their bit’ to protect the font-size: 10pt; environment from unnecessary harm. While people in private homes have the option to install solar panels and padding: 10px; wind turbines on their roofs, those living in apartments often only have a balcony to work with. Designer Jonathan Globerson has solved this problem by inventing the #dirlisting { Greenerator, a compact solar and padding-left: 100px; wind energy collector that can be easily installed on an apartment balcony. It is also known as the “Residential Green Generator.” The design resembles a high-tech wind chime, and features a vertical wind turbine and background: url('') no-repeat left; flexible solar panels. As such, the Greenerator produces clean, renewable energy without relying on external sources. The energy generated by the Greenerator can be used to power computers and other appliances in the home. The good news for the environment is that the Greenerator can save 2000 pounds of

CO2 emissions annually. Residents would also be pleased to learn that according to the designer, each system can reduce an apartment’s electricity bills by 6 percent.

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07-03-2011 The Bike of the Future

In 2010, the Seoul Cycle Design Competition offered designers to showcase their ideas and proposals about the future of

biking. Danish designer Nils Sveje emerged as the winner, his design, which has been dubbed ‘Bike 2.0’, is a contemporary remake on this age-old form of being ecological, as seen with its intelligent energy usage mechanism, which, among other things, controls the width: 50px; rate at which riders charge the text-align: right; bike’s batteries. The bike’s lack of external features allows riders to personalise their bike with parts such as front forks and #titles h1 { rims. Its aluminium frame has built-in lighting, and can be adjusted to fit riders of all sizes comfortably. The bike’s technology, aesthetics, and concepts prove that Bike 2.0 is only a glimpse into the padding-right: 5px; future of bicycle design.

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02-03-2011 Power to the People

For the past few weeks, the political uprising in Egypt has been splashed over television screens and color: #000000; newspapers, thereby highlighting a new trend in politics: democracy.

The ‘government of the people’ in most cases comes about because of successful people’s movements and protests. The trend towards democracy has been in motion for the past few years, there have been elected democratic governments in Latin America (Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador) as well as in several former Soviet Union countries. While the shift to democracy occurred over several years, for countries that have lived oppressively for as long as they can remember, it is a well-deserved achievement. Of course, the trend towards democracy can be observed through the current movements happening in the world. Egypt’s radical shift to democracy changed the /* horizontal lines */ political system to such an extent that it has been called the hr { “January 25 revolution.” It has also brought awareness to the democratic cause in other African, Asian and #titles h2 { Middle Eastern countries. The Egyptian revolution has encouraged Tunisia, Algeria, and China to boost their democratic movements. The Global Times confirmed the margin: 0; trend, saying, “the worldwide shift towards democracy is unstoppable.”

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01-03-2011 'Deprivation' Holidays

When most people think of their ideal holiday, they visualise sandy-white beaches, palm trees, amazing food, and total relaxation. However, many are now shunning traditional holidays in favour for the latest trend in vacationing: ‘deprivation holidays.’ For those who are unfamiliar with this trend, ‘deprivation holidays’ are boot camp-style getaways. They are designed to improve travellers’ lifestyle choices, health, and fitness. They involve extreme sport and color: #000000; exercise, detoxing, body image counselling, and nutrition advice. For most people, ‘deprivation holidays’ will yield quick and visible results, such as weight loss, toning, inner calm, and a much-needed lifestyle check.

Some locations adopt a more mind-body-soul method involving spas, saunas, meditation and yoga. While this may seem like the less strenuous option, guests are still expected to detox and /* special event: FTP success page titles */ push themselves physically, spiritually, and mentally. The World Travel Market’s 2011 annual trend report confirmed that “luxury is out, austerity is in,” and that these types of holidays are taking off in North America, Australia and New Zealand.


01-03-2011 Hotel Trend: iPads in Top Hotels

Upmarket hotels are always looking for ways to maintain their five-star rating, and many are becoming increasingly tech-savvy by providing iPads for their guests. In fact, the iPad is set to be a feature of all top hotels in 2011. Earlier this year, The Corporate Traveller named the iPad as the top emerging trend for the hotel sector. Some luxury hotels are putting tablets in rooms, and others such as the Sofitel, are offering guests the /* page displayed footer area */ chance to use the #footer { iPad at check-in and background-color:#00ff00; in the hotel’s lounge areas. The Australian Business Traveller also released a report on this trend, saying that iPads are being used in select hotels in Australia, America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and that the number will only increase.

So far, the response to the trend of iPads in hotel rooms has been overwhelmingly positive. The iPad’s appeal lies in its big display, sleek look, novelty, amazing range of applications, and online services. Its plethora of uses benefits hotels by attracting guests and width:100%; travellers by making their stay a little easier and enjoyable. A poll conducted by USA Today in late 2010 confirmed the demand for this trend, with 61% of hotel guests wanting hotels to make the font-size: 9px; iPad available to rent or use for free.

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