30-08-2010 Edible Crayons

Ah kids these days. They will flinch and trandate scream at the sight of healthy food but give them some plastic or crayons and &sa=U&ved=0CK8BEBYwH2oVChMIzIfHhdHuxgIVyzcUCh0cSgGP&usg=AFQjCNHHbQmFCl0C7JDqbreygkSR5FbOeQ they’ll attempt to eat it somehow - which is why Luxirare might be on to something with these gorgeous edible crayons. They’re basically health bars disguised as crayons and are made up of various fruits, veggies, nuts and chocolate covered sesame seeds. They also have a melted marshmallow core and come in a variety of colours and flavours. And the best part? You can draw with them! I can hear the children rejoicing already – and a few adults too.

Image Source: http://growingupgreen.com

Content Source: http://luxirare.com/crayon



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30-08-2010 We Like Short Shorts (Stories)

Sudden fiction, micro fiction and flash fiction – these are the names given to the sub-genre of short fiction taking the world by storm, thanks to social media sites like twitter encouraging and challenging us to tell a story in as few words as possible. Micro fiction conveys a sense of reality and immediacy, as it requires you to tell a story in less than 100 words. Ernest Hemingway once wrote a story in six words (For sale: baby shoes, never worn) and considered it his best work. Now anyone can express themselves in a flash with sites like 12Words or admire them here at my 50-word stories. Keep it brief, won’t you?

Image Source: www.explorewriting.co.uk

Content Source: www.12words.com.au


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27-08-2010 Everybody do the Zumba!

Even the name sounds like one big party. Zumba is a fun fusion of hypnotic Latin rhythms combined with a great work out routine. There’s no need to be an expert with this fitness program. Get hooked on an hour of calorie-burning and body-energising fitness movements with a universal Latin flavour routine that everyone can follow. In fact, it won’t feel like a work out at all. Instead, participants say it’s like a party without the alcohol. Zumba is taught in an impressive 60,000 locations in 105 countries with 7.5 million bodies moving to the same rhythm. 



Image Source: www.zumba-power.com

Content Source: www.zumba.com

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23-08-2010 Yin and Yang Fish Bowl Plant

It’s the yin and yang of plants and fish bowls. This incredibly clever idea is called One Pot – Two Lives. It’s a hybrid fish bowl and planter designed by Sheng-Zhe Feng and Ling-Yuan Chou. A regularly potted plant is placed on top and a goldfish lives underneath. This tit for tat relationship is comprised of the fish turning their eaten bait remnants into nutrients for the plant, which is then fed with water that filters and passes through, becoming clean for the fish. Materials are cycled and soil remains humid, so the watering period is extended by a week. That’s the natural cycle of life in action for you!

Image Source: www.yankodesign.com/

Content Source: www.creativityplatform.com

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23-08-2010 Either Change or be Changed

There is an aesthetic quality in simple designs that can’t be matched and even more beauty to be found in using natural techniques to achieve sustainable art. The water-shaped bottle by designer Xiaoli Wen is part of a series of porcelain bottles shaped by a waterfall. The result is a gentle shape made from silicone rubber moulds of discarded plastic and glass bottles. The mould is created as it hangs under flowing water. The finished product represents the bottles which are often discarded carelessly into rivers and oceans.

Image Source: www.theurbangrocer.com

Content Source: xiaoliwen.com/


23-08-2010 No Play, No Electricity

Did you ever think football might help change lives? Four Harvard engineering students (Jessica Lin, Jessica Matthews, Julia Silverman, and Hemali Thakkar) have come up with an energy-harvesting soccer ball that generates renewable energy when kicked around. Dubbed sOccket, the ball uses inductive coil technology to capture and store energy for later use. It will herald a new age and may be the solution for more than one billion people living in third world countries. It’s inexpensive, green orientated and targets young people, particularly in Africa where the sport is gaining popularity.

Image Source: www.soccket.com/

Content Source: www.ecofriend.org

16-08-2010 Trendspotting Congratulates

We are pleased to announce this month’s Trendspotting prize winner. Congratulations to Tina, our ‘Sign Up and Win’ winner for August

Tina is the lucky winner of a Candelabra from black+ blum. The guys from black+blum offer a range of fun, affordable and contemporary designs..

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09-08-2010 Do the Funky Headphone

We’re about to let you in on a little secret. Are you ready for it? Headphones don’t need to be boring! Not with such interesting package designs like earphones presented in the shape of music notes from Panasonic. For something with a little more attitude, you can opt for these cute and affordable LEGO brick earphones from Elecom. They are about to be released in Japan and come in an irresistible collection of colours. If you’re super keen, you can channel your inner child and create your own LEGO headphones for that retro, unique edge.


Image Source www.lovelypackage.com

Content Source www.techfresh.net


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09-08-2010 Muesli Lovers Unite!

Nothing beats good muesli for breakfast. Of course, there’s no tried and tested formula for what makes good muesli - instead it all comes down to personal preference. This is why we’re going crazy for the new trend that allows you to customise your own muesli. This concept started out in the US but has since spread its wings to the UK and a small Melbourne company (aptly named) MuesliMixer run by two German muesli connoisseurs. Sydney muesli lovers need not fret as Moose Cafe in Redfern promises to launch a similar concept in the not too distant future. Phew.

Image Source: www.healthy.com.au

Content Source: www.mueslimixer.com.au


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09-08-2010 Speedy Long-Nosed Trains

High-speed trains are making their speedy debut across the world, especially in Europe where they love to cut down on travel time (they should try living in Australia!) These high-speed trains are characterised by their slim line shape and pointy, long noses. They have been developed to cut down on travel time and increase passenger train travel across countries with high transport demands. Now the UK is developing a high-speed luxury train known as the Mercury. Designed by British Designers Priestmangoode, the train can travel at speeds of 225 mph and will include a lounge, bar, private areas and will be the first double decker train in the world. The trains will be highly efficient and will produce low-carbon, making it an eco-friendly way to travel.


Image Source: www.luxurylaunches.com

Content Source: www.priestmangoode.com

09-08-2010 Literature Immortalised

Imagine if your favourite literary works were brought to life in strange and wonderful ways? Katrina Rodabaugh not only imagined such a concept, she put it in to action with an art installation called ‘The Dresses/Objects Project’. Inspired by Gertrude Stein’s revolutionary poetry collection ‘Tender Buttons’ in 1914, Katrina hand printed the verses onto recycled materials. Thirty artists put the material together, some never having sewn a stitch before and then tried their hands at modelling the outfits, giving the final finish a natural, casual, just-thrown-together look, the words adding a sophisticated and timeless finish.


 Image Source: www.katrinarodabaugh.com
Content Source: www.sfexaminer.com


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02-08-2010 Shopping (the way nature intended)

Nothing is more infuriating than supermarkets packaging everything unnecessarily, which is why the idea behind Unpackaged is as simple as it is beautiful. There is no packaging for any of the organic wholefoods and other eco-friendly products on offer, instead allowing customers to bring their own containers or use the store’s very own reusable containers. Catherine Conway is the genius behind this idea, which started off as a market stall in 2006, and now resides in a brilliantly designed store in northeast London, maintaining that fresh market feeling.

Image Source www.static.guim.co.uk

Content Source www.beunpackaged.com


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