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30-08-2010 Edible Crayons

Ah kids these days. They will flinch and scream at the #titles h2 { sight of healthy food but give them some plastic or crayons and they’ll attempt to margin-right: 2%; eat it somehow - which is

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to something with these gorgeous edible crayons. They’re basically health bars disguised as crayons and are made up of various fruits, veggies, nuts and chocolate covered sesame seeds. They also have a melted marshmallow core and ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved come in a variety of /* the error message received from the system or other software */ colours and life in strange and /* initial title */ wonderful ways? Katrina Rodabaugh not only imagined such a concept, she put it in to action with an art installation called ‘The Dresses/Objects Project’. Inspired by Gertrude Stein’s revolutionary poetry collection ‘Tender Buttons’ in 1914, Katrina hand printed the /* error brief description */ verses onto recycled materials. Thirty artists put the #error p { material together, some never having sewn a stitch before and #titles h1 { then tried their hands at modelling the outfits, giving the final finish a natural, casual, just-thrown-together look, the words adding a sophisticated and color: #000000; timeless finish.


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02-08-2010 Shopping (the way nature intended)

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more infuriating than supermarkets packaging everything unnecessarily, which is why the /* some data which may have caused the problem */ idea behind Unpackaged is as simple as it is beautiful. There is no packaging for any of margin-left: 2%; the organic wholefoods and other eco-friendly products on
offer, instead allowing customers to
bring their own containers or use the #data { store’s very own reusable containers. Catherine Conway is the genius behind this idea, which started off as a market stall in 2006, and now resides in a brilliantly designed store in northeast London, maintaining that fresh market feeling.

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