30-03-2010 The Devil Reads Prada

 Prada is best known as a fashion label specialising in luxury clothing and kamagra(R) soft accessories for both men and kamagra(R) soft women. Now you can find Prada in a book, celebrating three decades of ground-breaking fashion, architecture, film and art. The book includes the work of the design studio as well as thousands of images and stills from short films documenting the craftsmanship, unique fashion that Prada is famous for. From New York to Paris and Tokyo you can follow the establishment of Prada as an icon of the fashion industry.




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30-03-2010 Look What's Inside My Garage

 If you want a cheeky way to intrigue the neighbours and add a new look to your garage door, we’ve found the perfect product.  These garage door size posters are made to look as if your garage door is open! Made by a German company called Style Your Garage you can have the luxury car you’ve always wanted at an affordable price or customise your own design using your own digital image. It’s creative and a little crazy but now the garage door can make a stylish statement impressing everyone from visitors to the postie!



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30-03-2010 Skis Too Good for Skiing

 Here’s a unique collection of skis and snowboards guaranteed to stand out on the slopes this winter. David Mazzarella has been designing skis and snowboards for 10 years - starting in his spare bedroom in Colorado and some years later, establishing his own company SkiLogic.  Not only will these skis give you the technical edge, they are works of art in themselves, hand crafted in wood veneers with natural colour designed by artist in residence Mariella. Find out more at www.skilogik.com




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25-03-2010 Put Your Best Shoe Forward

 Who would have thought that high tech sports shoes such as Nike Dunks would become the next fashion “must haves”? Once worn by basket ball players alone these low profile shoes were great for pivoting and balancing on court. Now it seems these durable, versatile shoes are the latest trend when it comes to partying, skateboarding and hanging out. There are countless models of Nike Dunks Sb available from highs, lows, mids and jourdunks. You can even have them custom colour matched to your outfit.  It’s easy to see the appeal of a stand out shoe that will take you from the court to the party in comfort and style.



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24-03-2010 Give Wet Feet the Boot

Wellies and gum boots may be practical when it comes to wet weather but they’ve never really made a fashion statement. Now Rosie Roo designer wellies are the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Not only do they come in gorgeous, fun and vibrant designs, they are also comfortable and made from high quality rubber with cotton lining and foam inner soles. The Pipduck range of designer wellies mesh award winning, hand printed designs with quality, waterproof and comfortable boots. These boots are highly sought after around the world with a special designs being created just for Paul Smith and Thomas Pink. You’ll want the rain to go on forever, just so you can wear these fabulous boots.

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22-03-2010 The Vase is Always Greener

Everyone loves receiving fresh flowers and now there is a vase designed to bring nature indoors, bringing new life to your cut flowers. The grass vase forms part of the Normann Copenhagan collection and has been designed by Claydies, the dynamic duo of Karen Kjældgård-Larsen and Tine Broksø . What better way to display your flowers than in the natural setting of grass? These cheeky vases are unique in character and handmade in clay with a new and inspiring design. Flowers are meant to be enjoyed – show them off to their full potential in a grass vase. For more information go to flickr.com/.


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22-03-2010 Record Breaking Bracelets

Once upon a time vinyl records were found in every home. Now though, if you still have any, they are probably collecting dust in storage. However vinyl records have made a comeback in the form of these colourful bracelets inspired by life in New York City. Artist, Meg Musick-Makely, is a serious collector of vintage records and now produces a range of products including bowls, tote bags and coasters inspired by the labels and covers of records as well as the music from the 50s, 60s and 70s. You’ll find designs ranging from bustling cityscapes and graffiti based patterns creating a fun bracelet for the young at heart. Purchase online at eco-artware.com.




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22-03-2010 In Fur A Surprise

We’ve all seen Titanic and heard about the effects of global warming – but we have to ask, is this really the inspiration for the furry pants Freja and Abbey Lee were seen wearing at the Chanel show? Along with sheepskin and mohair there were gorgeous knit dresses, must have tweeds and Yeti style capes on display. The Karl Lagerfelds collection included road worthy helmets covered in chinchilla and mink designed in conjunction with Ruby, the well known French manufacturer of motorbike helmets. Jewels and sparkled detailing on the helmets also adorned on the shoulders of jackets and dresses for a fall/winter collection with street ice appeal!




picture source www.vogue.com.au 

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15-03-2010 Brush up on Your Housework

 Yes, it’s time to bring the tired old dust pan and brush out of the closet! Over 8 years ago Ole Jensen designed a functional and aesthetic dust pan and brush which quickly became one of the most popular items in the Normann Copenhagan collection . Now it has been spiced up and transformed into a trendy household item available in purple, green and pink. Still easy to use, still practical and ever so chic, you’ll be proudly sweeping up the dust and crumbs in your home. The classic Washing-up bowl has also been given a face lift, now available in purple adding that bold touch to your everyday life.


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15-03-2010 Put a Lid on it

The humble man hole cover – if you’re like us, you’ve probably not given it much thought. In movies, it’s that hole in the middle of the street where the star climbs down to escape into the sewers! Hardly pleasant and not very memorable. In Japan however, the dreary man hole cover has been transformed into a work of art. From flowers and animals to intricate patterns, these man hole covers have turned the streets into a galleries of masterpieces. It will be interesting to see whether other countries adopt this fascination with man hole covers as well! 



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15-03-2010 Colour Your Couch

 Here’s a new and innovative idea to create a unique designer piece of furniture for your home from the Polish design firm MALAFOR. Let your imagination run riot as you colour and design dunnage paper bags (also 100 % recycled) then inflate and create your own paper bag sofa! Even the kids can get into the act – ink on the lounge chair? No problem! This is the environmentally friendly answer to the bean bag, cheap, portable and so easy to set up. Just make sure you keep sharp objects such as scissors well away! Find out more at http://www.malafor.com/.


Inflating Sofa


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