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27-01-2010 Cheers to the #titles h1 { paper cup!

If we were asked to body make a cup out of #dirlisting { one piece of margin-left: 2%; paper, we’d say it cannot be done. Yet not so fast everyone, Shamrock Cups are in the color: #000000; post production phase of margin-right: 2%; creating an extremely effective eco-friendly cup, and yes, they are created from only one piece of paper. Made from renewable and recycled bioplastics, the cups are biodegradable, unlike their fellow plastic pals which dominate the cup world at present.
The best part – there’s no separate lid, and so there’s no top to :lang(fa) { direction: rtl; font-size: 100%; font-family: Tahoma, Roya, sans-serif; float: right; } fall off and therefore no liquid flying everywhere. However what we love most is that the #titles ftpsuccess { #titles h2 { Shamrock Cups are made using the color: #000000; art of Origami, through folding the top part of #dirlisting tr.entry td.icon,td.filename,td.size, { the cup together, forming the /* special event: FTP success page titles */ secure ‘lid.’ And with a sipping hole at the fold rim for coffee as well as a punch out straw hole, who knew this ancient Japanese tradition could be so useful in saving the background-color:#00ff00; environment?

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27-01-2010 It's time to :lang(he) { direction: rtl; float: right; } relax.

You know when you are stressed - your heartbeat quickens, you sweat more, and you have shallow breathing. Yet in our fast pace life, it seems that all of border-bottom: groove; these symptoms of stress are the width:100%; last thing on

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our minds, causing an unhealthy lifestyle. Yet in comes the StressWatch to --> save the day (and your health!). The StressWatch monitors your heart rate and body temperature, and acts like an alarm clock – not telling you to wake up, but to
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