27-01-2010 Cheers to the paper cup!

If we were asked to make a cup out of one piece of paper, we’d say it cannot be done. Yet not so fast everyone, Shamrock Cups are in the post production phase of creating an extremely effective eco-friendly cup, and yes, they are created from only one piece of paper. Made from renewable and viagra capsules recycled bioplastics, the cups are biodegradable, unlike their fellow plastic pals which dominate the cup world at present.
The best part – there’s no separate lid, and so there’s no top to fall off and viagra capsules therefore no liquid flying everywhere. However what we love most is that the Shamrock Cups are made using the art of Origami, through folding the top part of the cup together, forming the secure ‘lid.’ And with a sipping hole at the fold rim for coffee as well as a punch out straw hole, who knew this ancient Japanese tradition could be so useful in saving the environment?

For more information, visit www.shamrockcups.com

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27-01-2010 It's time to relax.

You know when you are stressed - your heartbeat quickens, you sweat more, and you have shallow breathing. Yet in our fast pace life, it seems that all of these symptoms of stress are the last thing on our minds, causing an unhealthy lifestyle. Yet in comes the StressWatch to save the day (and your health!). The StressWatch monitors your heart rate and body temperature, and acts like an alarm clock – not telling you to wake up, but to calm down and breathe. Designed by Michael Mathis and Gerda Hopfgartner, the StressWatch has a black bar graph which shows your stress levels – if blue and greens are visible, then that’s great - you are cool, calm and collected. However, if pink, red or orange are appearing, it’s time to sit back and relax for a while.
And yes, the StressWatch also does what watches are meant to do – it also tells the time.

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19-01-2010 A new use for Bamboo!

It seems many have started latching onto the need to create a more ecologically sustainable environment – and this includes the design and manufacturing business, Impecca. The US based company, which specialises in Audio Video products have thrown away man-made materials in this case for one of their new designs – recently releasing a keyboard, mouse and a set of headphones all made from bamboo. However not only do these Impecca products provide a more eco friendly way to type and click, it’s also without a doubt aesthetically pleasing – a nice sight compared to the plastic office phone, folders and chairs surrounding your work cubicle. Just watch out that no hungry pandas are about...

Click here to find out where to buy Impecca Bamboo products.

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Content source: www.treehugger.com, www.impeccausa.com


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19-01-2010 Our Savior, The Sun Station!

We’ve all been there – running frantically around from café to café trying to find a power point before the laptop dies. Never fear. Take a look outside, German innovator, Julene Aguirre-Bielschowsky has created our new best friend, the Sun Station. This extremely helpful and ecologically friendly innovation uses solar power to create energy, which in turn charges any electronic device. And the best part? It’s free for the public to use – so don’t need to buy that unwanted sandwich or coffee at the café just to use a power point! Soon, The Sun Station will be popping up in public areas – parks, train stations, bus stops and town centres, just to name a few. Your mobile and laptop will never die!

Made of concrete and teak wood, this ingenious piece of furniture is powered purely by solar energy, so use the Sun Station to charge your favourite technology the greener way.

Picture source: www.julene.de, www.ecofriend.org

Content source: www.ecofriend.org, www.renewablepowernews.com

19-01-2010 Spring without the Springs...

Jump into the new trend that all jumpers are raving about – The Springfree Trampoline. And why so fantastic? Firstly it’s safe – the World’s Safest Trampoline , to be exact. World class engineers have developed this design with all areas of accident prevention covered for avid trampolinists. With a FlexiNet Safety Enclosure System on the 8ft Round Trampoline they’ll be no leg breaking, no bruise making and no body parts caught in between the springs…

However don’t worry, young jumpers, The Springfree Trampoline will still spring you high into the air – it’s made of strong and extremely flexible fiberglass rods, located under the surface. So get jumping! Prices range from $945 – through to Jumbo trampolines which start at $2035. Available here to purchase online.

Picture sources: www.springfreetrampoline.com.au, www.helemill.com

Content source: www.springfreetrampoline.com.au


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19-01-2010 For the Ipod obsessed...

Now you can really sing in the shower and listen to your favourite tunes while lazing around in the pool – and you’ll never have to part with your beloved Ipod again. Introducing Atlantic’s new waterproof Ego Ipod speakers. “But I’m scared it’s not actually waterproof and my Ipod might die!” you blubber? It’s waterproof, alright. Atlantic’s Ego Ipod speakers ensure your Ipod keeps nice and dry with its special airtight latch, and is safe and sound in a durable shell that is triple-fortified. And there’s a bonus – the plastic case is shatterproof, made from polycarbonate – it’s tough – so that not only is it good in water, it’s great if you’re a bit clumsy and drop your music machine quite often). Yet never fear – even with all this covering, you can still easily work the clicker wheel.

So if you are as big of an Ipod addict as we are and need your best friend whether your inside the tub or outside in the pool, get your hands on one of these! Visit www.atlanticego.com for more info.


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19-01-2010 Be the belle of the beach

They’ll be more than one reason why you’ll be turning heads on the sand. The UK based label, JG4B, combines the distinguished graphic artist Jasper Goodall’s prints with renowned swimwear designer Louise Middleton’s chic bikini shapes. No wonder the brand is so popular. Vibrant and flattering, and with very cool styles – Galactic, Go-go and Prism Print, just to name a few- we are hooked, and you will you be too.And finally, if Gwen Stefani, Sienna Miller and Naomi Campbell wear Middleton’s pieces, and fashion magazines love Goodhall’s illustrations, then JG4B swimwear is our new favourite surf attire. The beach will be calling your name everyday…

Stock is completely sold out, however for up-to-date information about when you can buy a pair, visit http://www.jg4b.com/stockists.html .



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19-01-2010 Rain....Please stay!

With gumboots and raincoats becoming more and more stylish in the wet weather, it’s about time umbrellas take the plunge into the fashion world. Innovative UK based design company, Squid London, have created the latest chic accessory to brighten up the gloomy streets of England, with their first product collection – the Squid London umbrella. Made using hydro-chromatic ink, the limited edition umbrellas change into an array of colours when touched by water. Chic and practical (let’s not forget the prime purpose for an umbrella!) the Squid London umbrella will brighten anyone’s rainy day. And while helping you look uber cool, by purchasing a Squid London umbrella, you are helping others as well. The founders of Squid London, Viviane Jaegar and Emma-Jayne Parkes, have pledged to donate $2 from every umbrella to ChildReach International, a UK charity which is helping to assist children in developing countries.

With all this in mind, we’re hooked with Squid London’s umbrellas, and never want to see a sunny day again!

To purchase a Squid London umbrella, visit http://umbrellas.myshopify.com/products/bird-squit-umbrella
RRP: AUS $45



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12-01-2010 Clearly Worth a Toast!

No need to fear anymore, toast perfectionists, for your bread will never be too white, too brown, or too burnt again – UK design team, Inventables, have found a solution. The Transparent Toaster really is just that – a see through appliance consisting of two sheets of glass that are able to be heated, and therefore can cook bread while you watch. “This transparent toaster allows you to see bread while it is toasting so you’re never surprised by toast that comes out too dark,” The Inventables team explain. Put the bread in between the glass sheets, watch the slice cook until it’s the perfect colour, and eject. Simple and easy. Yet what’s so convenient about Inventables’ Transparent Toaster is it’s also for those who are too busy (or too impatient!) to watch their bread slowly turn to the optimal shade... the appliance also has a conventional timer dial. Sorted.


Source: www.smarthouse.com.au

12-01-2010 Savvy Chairs from Vespa Spares

In a time where society is becoming more and more conscious of the need to become actively eco-friendly, so too are many designers. This includes the Spanish design studio Bel & Bel. “Recycling is no doubt our starting point,” the team says, who are now combining “reused materials… to make objects such as furniture, lighting, appliances… and other utilities to build sustainable housing.” This is evident in the studio’s handmade leather chairs, which are created by combining parts of old Vespas – primarily the bike’s front and leg shields. The beautiful little Italian bike, known for its negative impact on the environment, is now being recycled- converted into furniture and art. Call it what you will, Bel & Bel’s Vespa chairs are contemporary, comfortable, and keeps the environment in mind.





Source: www.ecoshopper.net

12-01-2010 The Breton Stripe Hype

The fashion industry’s inevitable flow-on effect: Designers make it, celebrities wear it, and therefore eventually so do we. Now, the Breton Stripe has once again been pushed into the spotlight, this time through Balmain’s slouchy stripe jumper hitting the runways at the 2009 Paris Fashion Week. Since leaving the shores of Brittany, the French province where the Breton Stripe design was created in the 1950s, the fashion world has fallen in love with the design. And why not, says Emma Read, Fashion Director for Australian Fashion Magazine, RUSSH. “Breton style tops are subtly chic, supremely versatile and always a staple in any woman’s wardrobe.” Chic and versatile indeed. Think casual – matching the top up with jeans, flats and the boyfriend’s blazer, and now flip to formal – combine a Breton Stripe shirt with a pair of shiny, strappy heels, and an even shinier designer clutch. We’ll leave you with the current Breton Stripe fashion flow-on effect: Balmain and Bibico to Alexa Chung, Kate Moss, Elle Macpherson, Claudia Schiffer... and then to?



 Source:www.whowhatwear.com, www.osoyou.com

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