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18-11-2009 Glamorous walls

The simple things seem to catch our attention in the most striking way. Graphic wall decals from Dezign with a Z do just that, with interesting designs from Europe and the US, creating an easy, affordable and stylish way to decorate the home or office. They resemble hand painted designs and can be customised to suit whatever theme you choose. If you decide to change after a while, the decals are easy to remove and won’t leave any permanent damage. They can even be ordered online, so you can browse through at your own pace. Yes the good folk at Design with a Z have thought of everything.

17-11-2009 Powersurge in your iPocket

Grab the nearest iPod touch, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS and anything else starting with I and wrap it up in Novothink´s Solar Surge solar-charging case, equipped with an integrated solar panel that allows for the iDevice to be charged with no added extras. Now you can charge your pod anywhere under the sun whilst walking, running, hiking or biking, beach camping, travelling - and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Plus for those sunless days, you can charge the device via USB. This handy little contraption is officially licensed by Apple so you know it’s the real deal. Make your mark for the environment with this innovative and liberating product.

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11-11-2009 Outside Looking In

Clever design makes the world go round and

can even speed up to the future with the right amount of vision. Designer Mac Funamizu keeps us in tantalising suspense with a small window device dubbed ´The Looking Glass´ that features a camera/scanner, GPS and internet connectivity and

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allows you to point, aim and
discover a whole wealth of information about the object being observed. Frame anything that you fancy with the Looking Glass - artwork, buildings, monuments - and the image is analysed and searched on any number of sites like Wikipedia, Google or Google Earth to give you rapid answers quite literally at your fingertips. Fancy the decor of a restaurant but not sure about the menu? Zap it with the Magic Window and lo behold, the menu appears. Move over iPhone!



11-11-2009 Floating on Air

You may recall the Airboard from such programs as the Sydney 2000 Olympic Opening Ceremony or cast your mind back to Marty McFly taking the awesome Hovercraft for a spin in Back to the Future. Well folks, the future is here. This unique and innovative contraption is a gasoline powered personal hovercraft that rides on a cushion of air and can go as fast as 15 mph. Said to have the sensation of steering a skateboard, the reality is that it feels like a cross between skiing and flying. The Airboard is designed to function over concrete, asphalt, grass or shallow wet areas but not with dirt, sand and water (so no hovering over water Jesus style). Just lean to the left, lean to the right and it’s all too easy. Just like riding a bike - if only the bike could fly that is (although I’m sure they’ll think of that next).


11-11-2009 Hi-tech Gadgets + Handbags = Happiness

We all know there’s nothing like being stuck in an airport without a laptop charger. What to make of this latest craze when the laptop bag charges it for you? This is the thinking behind the Neuber Energy Sun Bag, a solar powered handbag that lets you charge devices with energy from the sun. Equipped with lightweight, tough, waterproof solar panels, the new Generator is capable of producing up to 15 watts, a feat powerful enough to completely charge a standard laptop from just one day of direct sunlight. The bag comes with a battery for those back up moments when the sun is not so plentiful and you can pick a bag from an addictive range of 37 colours. But who needs more than one apart from maybe Bill Gates?



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