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Trendspotting - Your guide to latest trends

27-04-2009 Tribal Fashion

Bright colours, patterns and fringe shoes are dominating the catwalks, with ethnic inspired shoes making a strong appearance. Louis Vuitton has particularly embraced this trend with a ‘spicy shoe’ collection inspired from Africa. The key to getting these outrageous animal print patterns to work is wearing a bold, killer attitude to match. The more beads and woven trinkets involved the better textural contrast you have as a result. This latest trend for spring/summer 09 really demonstrates how one accessory can make all the difference!



27-04-2009 Putting all your eggs in one basket

Marumushi understands how reading the news can be a strenuous affair. There are sections to browse through, categories to find, Paris Hilton entertainment articles to avoid. So to make it just that little bit easier, Marumushi has come up with Newsmap, an application that works like a tree map – storing all information gathered by the Google news aggregator onto one single page. It’s a great tool to divide information up in a visually stimulating way that is easy and less time consuming. And when presented together, it’s easier to see the patterns in news reporting across different cultures. The best part is it doesn’t claim to be unbiased – instead it highlights the irony of how biased our news can be.


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20-04-2009 Too Cool For School Mouth-watering treats

You can see from their website that Igloo Zoo is all about being ultra cool. Being Australia’s first culture bar means the pressure is on to make a good impression. We like our yoghurt to be all-natural, super-chilled – the real stuff, 99.4 percent fat-free. Some antioxidants would be nice. And so Igloo Zoo ticks all the right boxes but goes one step further, allowing you to create your own personalised dish or choose from unique flavours like pomegranate and green tea. Then there’s the critically acclaimed decor with a glossy white epoxy floor that looks so appetising it may as well have been poured from the yoghurt machine. So go on, treat yourself to this healthy alternative snack! (You can even add them here on Facebook if you need a regular Igloo Zoo fix).

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20-04-2009 The Future has Arrived

Eyewear fashion just got a little more interesting, with the creation of the one-lens sunglasses. Designers such as Mackdaddy and Maison Martin Margiela are leading the way for this new trend, with their own specific design lines that feature the exclusive eyewear. These futuristic shades are sure to set the fashion world alight, with fashion-forward celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Bjork already sporting the innovative sunnies. The future of eyewear is here.


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20-04-2009 Tying the (Green) Knot

You know you’re on to a good thing when a highly sought after wedding planner agency like LA Style Unveiled jumps on the eco bandwagon with an Eco-chic Wedding page - 101 ways to cut down on your 'carbon stiletto-print'. Not only are these tips an absolute joy to read, LA Style Unveiled also goes one step further by donating a portion of their site proceeds to Conservation International. You can send them your own eco-wedding stories or simply enjoy their creative and ingenious advice like going barefoot, arriving to the wedding reception in a hybrid or smart car or my personal favourite: Give each guest an 11-watt compact fluorescent bulb as a favour (and just imagine the look on their faces!)


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16-04-2009 Go Nuts for Coconuts

Coconut water is the ultimate way to re-hydrate, lowering the risk of heart disease whilst raising metabolism. Men’s Health recommends coconut water after a workout for a fast recovery and coconut health drinks are now proving popular, such as Zico Pure Coconut Water. This Brazilian drink provides more potassium than a banana, perfect for getting your body back on track after exercise. Similar brands are Vita Coconut Water and O.N.E. Coconut Water. Increasing awareness of the benefits of coconut water, books are even being published. This tropical fruit is well on its way to being a must in everyone’s diet.


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16-04-2009 Marvellous Mosaics

The past is proving popular, with mosaic designs once again featuring prominently in bedrooms, bathrooms, living and dining rooms. Featured in quite a lifestyle bibles, these exquisite constructions decorate fireplaces, bathtubs and feature walls, adding unimaginable beauty to a house. Many companies specialise in these intricate wonders, with Bisazza, New Ravenna and Mosaic Design Company just a few. Hakatai uses recycled glass tiles and Mosaic Marble promises to transform any design into mosaic, whilst SICIS provides amazing floor to ceiling flower pot designs. Mosaics are definitely back in architectural fashion!


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15-04-2009 The Logical Evolution to Blogging

A free, social networking application may already sound familiar to you but before you roll your eyes at another possible internet addiction, hear us out. It’s a short and sweet ‘micro blog’ where you send ‘tweets’ - a maximum of 140 characters, to friends and family, outlining what you’re doing. Twitter is being considered as the logical evolution to blogging in that it allows you to stay connected to friends and family, have them know what you’re doing at all times or just step back and take a break from the information overload with some Twitter quiet time. You can also subscribe to your friends and become their ‘followers’. This could be the next best thing to sms-ing and Twitter is growing in popularity, taking the world by storm with one simple question ‘What are you doing?’

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14-04-2009 The Brightness of Books

Need something to make a room appear bright and welcoming? Try this idea and add excitement to your old and dusty book collection. Re-organise your bookshelf by colour and create a sort of book case installation. By simply dividing your books into separate colours, grouping them from lighter to darker shades, and arranging on the shelf by hue, you can add a new, uplifting and artistic feature to a room without the expense. Relax, read and enjoy!

Bookshelves organised by colour

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06-04-2009 Breathing Life into Walls

Living walls are now all the rage it seems, with various buildings around the world completely adorned in vegetation. This kind of urban gardening not only breathes life into cities dominated by concrete slabs and exhaust fumes, but also appears somewhat artistic and beautiful against the gray backdrop. Irrigation systems and vegetation are attached to the wall or supporting structure and can be seen anywhere from Paris to Toronto. Living walls are also means for water re-use and make for a surprising breath of fresh air in these days of loud traffic and unrelenting pollution. You can thank Patrick Blanc for pioneering this wonderful trend.

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02-04-2009 Throw your Litter on the floor*

What if littering could be a means of planting? This is the question Nghiem Charlie, a 5th year industrial design student poses with a project that could completely revolutionise the way we view recycling. Her work is called SEED which stands for Sustainable Eating/ Earth Development. The action of littering becomes a responsible act; with chewing gum that acts as a plant seed and a slogan that goes a little something like ‘chew, blow, plant’. This action also becomes a step against massive deforestation. It might take a country like Singapore (which bans chewing gum) a while to get used to the concept but for those who litter like no one’s watching, it’ll be just as natural as learning how to walk.

* Trendspotting does not condone littering outside of this project.
saving the planet by chewing gum

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02-04-2009 Landscapes Fresh from the Kitchen

Sail away on a pink sea of smoked salmon or discover rural fields of pasta, a pine nut wall, mozzarella clouds, trees of chillies and a parmesan village in the distance. Where are you? You’re in the wonderful world of Carl Warner’s imagination, translated into still life photography, whole landscapes made entirely of food. Carl says 'Foodscapes' were partly inspired by healthy eating campaigns and he particularly likes how smaller aspects of nature resemble larger ones, which is evident in his work. Take a journey on a road paved with cumin, peas hanging from broccoli trees and cauliflower clouds among mountaineous loaves of bread in the foreground. How scenically delicious!

Food landscape

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