29-01-2009 When the Wind Blows, the Treepee will Rock

Fulfil those childhood fantasies of swinging from the trees in a tent! The introduction of the Treepee will have the most timid adventurer keen to hook a hanging tent or two from the trees. The advantages of this all weather tent include keeping distance from the bugs and viagra insects of the ground, swaying closer to the rhythm of nature, plus pockets are installed on the inside of the tent for storage. The fabric is fire retardant, water repellent and viagra PU Coated and has a UV protection factor of 50+. There’s also a bag on a pulley which allows essential supplies to be hauled up into the ‘den’. And to keep bugs from creeping in, there are bug nets on the windows. So sweet dreams camper!

Picture from: www.treepee.com

27-01-2009 The Love Sofa

The Baobab Loveseat is the newest creation to come from young Mexican Industrial Designer Christian Vivanco. Modelled on the idea of the giant Baobab trees, which store water inside their swollen trunks to endure drought, this sofa welcomes you with its protective shell, promising to envelop you in comfort. This lounge practically begs you to lie down and take the place of water in the Baobab. It is a result from Vivanco’s experiments with surfaces and rhythm, and is a continuous development of the value of mass and volume. Feel at one with nature and peacefulness with this particular chair.

Pictures from: www.christianvivanco.com

27-01-2009 It's the Final Countdown

You needn’t worry about forgetting an important date with this Countdown Clock from Sega Toys. This little digital clock not only tells the current date and time as per usual, but it also counts down the number of days, or minutes, left until a big day. So whether you need to keep track of how fast a wedding, birthday, anniversary or exam is approaching, this clock will make sure you remember to use your time wisely.

Picture from: www.segatoys.co.jp


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27-01-2009 A Recycled Venue Affair

Ever wanted a place to escape, to just meander about with your thoughts, sit at a cafe or gallery and simply ponder the direction the world is headed in environmentally? Well keep an eye out for an Australian first in Melbourne with Greenhouse by Joost – a self-sustaining temporary event venue at Federation Square. The clever little twist is that the venue is constructed entirely from recycled or recyclable materials. Dine in style on the rooftop garden and enjoy this exclusive gig with the in-crowd – the crowd that cares about sustaining the environment, of course.


Picture from: www.greenhousebyjoost.com

20-01-2009 Buy, Make or Sell Individuality

If you’ve ever wanted to make and sell your own designs then Ponoko is for you. Not only can you specially request something made uniquely for you by a designer, you can also create something yourself, and then go one stop further by putting it up for sale on the site with their web commerce and make-on-demand service. The first online shop for individualised goods, Ponoko was created with the desire of allowing its customers to shop for or create completely original things in the greenest way possible. Check out Ponoko’s range of quirky products today.

 Picture from: www.ponoko.com

20-01-2009 It's an Independent World

Indie films are reaching new popularity levels, with the new website Indieroad offering a platform for independent filmmakers to display their work. Dedicated to exhibiting and distributing films from contemporary independent filmmakers, the website’s crew consists of entertainment professionals committed to the enhancement of independent films. Visitors to the website can stream and download films directly, for only a small fee. The website even has its own youtube channel, aiming to bring as much attention as possible to the brilliance of independent films.

Picture from: www.montclair.edu

16-01-2009 Gift for your Skin

Going natural is all the rage at the moment and this extends to looking after our skin. Naturopath and Herbalist Barbara Filokostas created the Botani line of skin products, intent on enabling people the pleasure of continuous skin health. These products utilize premium natural ingredients to restore balance and overall skin health, enhancing your natural beauty. There are a variety of skin products available, such as hand creams, exfoliating scrubs and general healthy skin packs, all in environmentally friendly packaging. Treat your skin and try Botani.


Picture from: www.botani.com.au

16-01-2009 Think Outside the Box

Almost anything can be turned into something new and fabulous these days. Milk crates are proving no exception, with numerous re-imaginings of the plastic boxes existing as various home furniture pieces that maximize storage space and also look great. The Milk Crate Stool is Tasmanian Simon Ancher’s design, with the addition of a simple wooden top creating a comfortable seat. Naty Moskovich’s Box Life line is dedicated to re-using milk crate boxes for furniture and MADE has even created a block style chandelier. Clever, cool and a cheap alternative, there’s no limit to what these boxes can be made into.

Picture from: www.apartmenttherapy.com

15-01-2009 Car Part Art

It’s an undeniable fact that men love their cars. Australian James Corbett loves them so much that he turns old car parts into various pieces of sculpture. Discovering his love of design whilst running a car recycling business, James’ work includes astonishingly life like models of cars, bikes, animals and birds created from old and interesting car parts, all of which are kept in their original shape. He has been sculpting since 1999 and featured in the Brisbane International Motor Show for three consecutive years. This is one man who has made car loving an art form.

Picture from: www.johndaviegallery.com

13-01-2009 A Green way of Dining

Recently the number of eco-friendly restaurants has rapidly risen, with numerous ways that restaurants can simultaneously save money and the environment. Focused entirely on green living, The Green Table Australia Scheme intends to recognize the restaurants, cafés and caterers who are working to reduce their CO2 emissions. Businesses must meet minimum requirements in water and energy saving, waste management and supplies in a way that ensures that many of the industry’s small businesses can participate. The scheme is just one of the many coming into fruition with the aim of making the world a healthier place to live in.

Picture from: www.greentable.com.au


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12-01-2009 Nobody does it better

Nobody tackles furniture quite like Nobody and Co. By turning the handle of their Scroll Table, seven different motifs roll under the crystal surface, adding a beautiful touch to your dining experience. The Comfort Table has distinctive caved in spaces to serve as armrests. Reading has never been so easy with the Bibliochaise, a chair built into book shelves. There’s even something for the quirky cook, with the Il Buddino, a single dose pudding mould that’s shaped like a sitting Buddha. With Nobody and Co furniture, your house is sure to be the most unique and stylish on the block.



Picture from: www.nobodyandco.it



08-01-2009 Millionaire Movie

The must-see film of the summer captivating critics and audiences around the world is Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire. Based on the book Q and A by Vikas Swarup and filmed in India, this modern fairytale tells the story of Jamal, a young street beggar whose appearance on the Hindi version of game show Who wants to be a Millionaire? creates suspicion of cheating after he exceeds everyone’s expectations. The film has been nominated for various prestigious awards, including the Golden Globes and Screen Actor’s Guild Awards. If you’re going to see any film this summer, see this one.


Picture from: www.foxsearchlight.com

08-01-2009 Revolutionary Pocket Rocket of Light

Israeli company Oree is in the process of creating an LED light so tiny it can fit into your wallet and light up a room at the same time. More effective than the standard LED light bulbs, as well as emitting less heat and consuming less energy, this could be the next big thing to light up your life – as well as your LCD displays. Oree's flat LEDs can also be molded into shapes - a quality that could reduce the production cost of electronics using the technology. The good news is, this Israeli company has inspired many other companies to start lowering the cost of LED, to make way for more revolutionary ideas.

Picture from: www.oree-inc.com

06-01-2009 Puzzle Power for the People

Are you in need of some mental stimulation? Try Sam Loyd’s puzzles. These puzzles have enthralled millions of people around the world for over one hundred and thirty years. Puzzle author Sam Loyd created these original brain trainers intending to exercise the brain in a way that was both fun and creative. His puzzles have since sold millions, and kept people’s minds razor-sharp. The company’s interactive website is a further spin on Loyd’s motto of creatively entertaining. Here you can learn about Loyd himself, try particular puzzles, order online and generally just uncover the delightful world of puzzles.

Picture from: www.samloyd.com

05-01-2009 Make light of the Rain

Being caught in the rain can be dreary and depressing, but not any more with designer Sang-Kyun Park’s LightDrops Umbrella. This particular umbrella absorbs the rain drops falling on top of it and converts them into electrical energy, powering the LED lights embedded in the material. The more heavily it rains, the brighter the light will be to help you see where you’re going. With this umbrella, the wet weather will never get you down again.

Picture from: www.yankodesign.com