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Trendspotting - Your guide to latest trends

27-06-2008 One Cup of Water and a Tablespoon of Genius

In what has been considered a water saving move, Xeros has developed patented technology which only needs a cup of water in each wash cycle. Hailed as the hr { world’s first ‘virtually waterless’ washing system, the revolutionary technology discovered by researchers at the margin: 0; University of Leeds is set to become a commercial reality. The system works by tumbling plastic granules or chips with the clothes to remove practically all types of everyday stains. Clothes feel as fresh as if they had just been put through an ordinary washing machine with the advantage of being almost dry. Only time will tell if tumble-dryers and clothing lines are a thing of the past.


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27-06-2008 Art and the Dirty Car

With his car always dirty from driving along his dusty driveway, American Scott Wade turned this potentially annoying fact into a creative tool. Using the #footer { windows of his car as a blank canvas, Scott transformed it into a unique work of art. His work drew the font-size: 9px; attention of others, and now Scott has lent his artistic touch to numerous other windshields. His drawings are very detailed, ranging from animals playing poker to representations of fine art such as Van Gogh, Roy Lichtenstein and ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved DaVinci’s Mona Lisa. Check out Scott’s amazing ability.


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26-06-2008 Natural Born Beauty

What happens when you fuse a down to earth, environmentally-conscious celebrity, with a renowned hairstylist to the padding-left: 10px; stars? Quality hair care dedicated to sustaining the environment! Actress Kate Hudson is the face of David Babaii for WildAid, a modern line of styling products with natural, renewable ingredients from exotic parts of the world. Not only are the products free of sulphates, parabens, petrochemicals and worries of the day behind. It is completely waterproof, and is both a decorative and Stylesheet for Squid Error pages entertaining addition to the bathroom.


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25-06-2008 Digital Number 8

The digital number ‘8’ has been the focus of an award-winning design, with Dutch designer Sander Tielen being awarded the

European Design Award for Calendar design in Stockholm. Different coloured cards slide behind the


front of the Tielen Perpetual Calendar to display the

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date, with the number in the lower right hand corner indicating the
month, whilst the
bright fading colours tell the day. All this makes it extremely easy to read. The European Design Awards honour people who have invested their passion in design, which makes Sander a worthy recipient for this particularly useful creation.


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24-06-2008 Wear Your Inner Child

In a world where unique and padding-left: 100px; Adapted from design by Free CSS Templates edgy accessories are hard to find, Claire Suzy Stannard is intent on making sure her work stands out. Utilizing her most inspiring memory of channeling her inner child, Claire’s jewellery appeals to an audience wanting to do the

same. All about distinctiveness, Claire’s pieces aesthetically utilise a variety of mediums including white bronze, brass, gold, feathers, leather and sterling silver. In particular, her unisex wristwraps are striking, and are able to be customized with lyrics or quotes. Check out this collection if you desire to exude individuality.


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24-06-2008 The Robin Hood of Green Consumerism

Nick Bampton, a graduate product designer from Middlesex University, is the green caped crusader out to rid the

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world of blatant ‘Greenwashing’ tactics. Greenwashing is the process of misleading consumers about the ecological benefits of a product. Nick aims to debunk the
myths by comparing and Released for free under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License contrasting current products on the

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market with that of his own.
According to his exhibition ‘successful green aesthetics relate to the environmental experiences of the consumers’. Nick is currently preparing his exhibition, ‘Subverting the
Green Aesthetic’ which has attracted interest from print and television media at ‘New Designers’, Business Design Centre in London.

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23-06-2008 Cool with CoCon

COOLit Design has taken an innovative step in the cosmetics world, launching the CoCon LIPSTICK-COOLER. The company has been dedicated to creating the

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best product for protecting your lipstick from melting in hot weather. Filled with a cooling gel, the cooler is put in the freezer for a few hours, with the lipstick placed inside later, ensuring that it remains unaffected by outside temperatures. The cooler can be fastened


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23-06-2008 Farming at your Doorstep

Care to rid the world of its food, water and energy crises? A Columbia University professor might just have the

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answer. Dickson Despommier is the brains behind the Vertical Farm Project, a venture that has been described as ‘Agriculture on the 34th floor of a big city skyscraper’.
The concept of indoor farming will offer the promise of urban renewal, sustainable production of a safe and /* Page basics */ varied food supply and the /* page displayed footer area */ eventual repair of ecosystems. The advantages are aplenty as cities can buy products locally, no pesticides or harmful chemicals are used and font-family: verdana, sans-serif; less water is distributed for irrigation, giving ecosystems the chance to bounce back.

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23-06-2008 Bilingual Accessory Experience

For a unique, unisex approach to jewellery try Bilingual Collections. Founder Marta Niegowska has designed contemporary, sculptural rings since 2005, and recently expanded her collection to include neckpieces. The focus of the accessories is the perspective of how a design can communicate, with interlocking rings available, so that you can share your special piece with another. Other rings are inspired by experimenting basic rectangular, circular and triangle shapes. Neckpieces are also guaranteed to be original, fastening themselves to your clothing. All pieces are handmade of sterling silver, with several sizes available.


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19-06-2008 A House Fit for a Hobbit?

It takes a little self belief and a lot of determination to make eco-building work. Fortunately for Welsh family members Simon, Jasmine, Cosmo and html body { Elfie, this self belief resulted in a self-built eco-home, both close to nature and margin: 0; cost efficient. Features of The Low Impact Woodland Home include a skylight to allow natural light in, solar panels to fuel lights and padding: 0; electronics, a refrigerator cooled from underground air, water supplied from a nearby spring, and a roof water collection for use in the garden.


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19-06-2008 Self-world Portrait

Student Erik Nordenankar’s graduation project was so successful that many believed it to be a true experiment – the biggest drawing in the world. Erik pretended to draw a self portrait, with the earth as his canvas. His pen was a briefcase, containing a GPS device, and the paths the

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briefcase took, with the DHL international courier company, became the strokes of the drawing. In reality, DHL did not transport the

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GPS at any time. Erik believes his idea could one day be realized, and that eventually there will be someone’s self portrait amongst the
background of our world.


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19-06-2008 Pixelated Puppy

The world of digital cameras keeps on progressing, with innovative advertising ideas keeping companies competitive. Philipp und Keuntje have formulated one such campaign for Leica’s D-Lux 3 camera. They have created and background: #efefef; placed a ‘pixilated’ dog in various real world scenes, along with the tag ‘See it in more detail’. The dog is built from blocks to create the

blurred effect of pixilation, aiming to effectively demonstrate how advanced Leica’s new digital camera is.


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17-06-2008 Get Your Solar Powered Freak On

Eco-geeks everywhere can rejoice in Apple’s recent move to develop a patent for solar-powered iPods. It consists of an iPod with a solar panel under the LCD screen, providing additional power. The geniuses behind the innovation, MacRumors have revealed that the move will extend battery life significantly if implemented correctly.
Installing the

17-06-2008 Recycling the


As technology just keeps on becoming more advanced, items from yesteryear are left behind gathering dust. Designer Chris Dimino has succeeded in creating a new role for many of these appliances, adapting them to become useful modern things. An old typewriter becomes a waffle maker, cooking keyboard shaped waffles, or the base of a functioning vacuum cleaner. It’s not just typewriters that have been given a face lift, with a gas mask shower head and color: #1e1e1e; brake drum light sconce, also products of Chris Dimino’s imagination. Check them all out in their fascinating glory.


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17-06-2008 Who's listening?

 With the advent of the blog, these days it seems almost anyone can get published. Overheard in New York is a site that collects tidbits of overheard conversations and publishes them in a witty blog format online. The site was included in the top 50 Coolest Websites of 2005 and has been running since 2000. It has since pioneered the way for online eavesdropping everywhere, inspiring countless other sites of a similar nature like Overheard in Melbourne.The site was so popular from all the media attention, it soon developed into a book, which is now available from Ariel Bookstore on Oxford Street in Paddington.


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05-06-2008 Taking Daylight to New Heights

The 2008 Olympic Games might just be overshadowed by the introduction of GreenPix, the largest colour LED display in the world. One might be forgiven for thinking that the huge media wall is an energy-eating giant.
Remarkably, the colossal screen doesn’t require any energy to function. It is the first photovoltaic system of its kind that is entirely self-sufficient, instead saving up energy during the day to make the screen shine at night. This one-of-a-kind innovation will brighten up the city and #titles ftpsuccess { the world with its progressive, energy-saving ways.



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05-06-2008 Luxurious Green

Nature lovers beware: high quality, sophisticated and /* Page displayed title area */ elegant fashion just got eco-friendly and #titles { socially aware with FIN. Hailing from Oslo, Norway, the fashion label has already attracted celebrities like Keira Knightley and margin-left: 15px; Kate Bosworth into its ever increasing list of FIN fans. FIN is much more than just a luxury brand – it personifies the ever increasing social and padding: 10px; environmentally aware world we live in.



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05-06-2008 Colourful Blanket Bags

Unique and recycled bags made from beautiful blankets are the latest must-have vintage items from Something New, Something Old. The range was launched by a two young designers, Ontwerp Duo, from Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Eager to start up their own design studio, the pair drew inspiration from the timeless beauty found in the security of a warm blanket. You will be surprised to learn that the only new part of the bag is the handle – and every item is unique!

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05-06-2008 Green in the Fashion World

Teknion’s New York showroom came alive with the 2nd annual Project Earth Day. It is an opportunity for leaders and background: url('') no-repeat left; future leaders in the design industry to get together and exchange their ideas and visions about sustainable, environmentally friendly and innovative fashion. Expected was an extravaganza on the catwalk, with all bags, dresses and /* initial title */ jewellery on display. And that was what the audience received as well. The event was a tad exclusive (invite only!) but you can check out the website for more information on the featured designers.


© Raquel Lauren_2008_80


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05-06-2008 Urban Eco-Accomodation

Even the cityscapes you encounter while travelling can flash a little green, depending on your choice of accommodation. With more and #titles h1 { more chain or boutique hotels focusing on sustainability and color: #000000; eco-friendliness, travelers can opt for the alternative to the old two minute showers and no heating. Now replete with anything from grey water recycling to solar showers, urban landscapes are coming alive with green fever.


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05-06-2008 Collecting Sea Shells

Set the table with some help from the ocean with Tamra Philbrooks’ Artful Wares. Her collection is replete with tableware made out of 100% natural materials. Recycled shells make up these invaluable pieces which are not only unique and eco-friendly but also aesthetically pleasing – an absolute must for the avid seashell collectors out there. Another bonus is that each item is dishwasher-safe, giving it the thumbs up from the practical folk.


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05-06-2008 Bionade: It's all the Rage

Bionade has the sleek look of a drink plucked from the chic bars of Germany. Our innovative German friends have come up with a healthy and #titles h2 { refreshing drink that is now akin to a cult item in its native country. The preferred choice among the creative folk, Bionade is set to take over the world with the sultry and color: #000000; colourful flavours of Elderberry, Lychee, Herbs and Ginger & Orange. We dare you to try and resist taking that first, addictive sip!


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05-06-2008 It is all Happening

The Happening Live 2008 festival is just as the title suggests: Happening! With a combination of music, film and /* special event: FTP success page titles */ art, the festival promises to be a captivating combination with renowned artists on display. More importantly the festival is all in the name of a good cause, with proceeds supporting the Sea Shepherd, a non-profit organisation that works to protect whales. If you missed the festival in Sydney or Tokyo, fear not, the London, Cornwall, Paris, New York City and San Francisco leg of the tour is yet to be announced.


 The Happening - Sydney, Australia - March 14, 2008



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05-06-2008 Greenest Musicians

The latest in the charts from Billboard is a list of the top 10 musicians dedicated to saving the environment. It should come as no surprise that Jack Johnson has topped the list. With his trademark acoustic tunes and background-color:#00ff00; environmentally themed outdoor concerts, Jack succeeds in bringing environmental issues to the forefront of our attention in a cool and width:100%; funky way. In addition to releasing his music in an eco-friendly studio in LA running on 100% renewable energy, Jack has also managed to create the Kokua Hawaii Foundation which seeks to support environmental education in the schools and communities of Hawaii.


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Check out the rest of the musicians who made the cut for being progressive and environmentally aware.
1. Jack Johnson
2. Willie Nelson
3. Maná
4. Dave Matthews Band
5. KT Tunstall
6. Pearl Jam
7. Serj Tankian
8. Radiohead
9. Missy Higgins
10. The Roots


05-06-2008 Pitango to the Rescue

 Pitango, with its exotic sounding name and /* Page displayed body content area */ quality to boot, has made the search for healthy food a little easier with an incredible range of organic food to rival food manufacturers everywhere. Hailing from New Zealand, Pitango has reached the shores of Australia (as well as Canada and #content { Hong Kong) and will continue to spread its organic wings throughout the world until every last organic appetite is satiated. Enjoy a wide selection of soup, risotto, curry and padding: 10px; more from the world’s first fresh meal manufacturer to go carbon neutral.



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05-06-2008 Something Old, New, Borrowed and background: #ffffff; Green?

It is not the conventional way to have a wedding and yet Natural Weddings is completely dedicated to planning a wedding of natural goodness. Make your evening a memorable and planet-friendly one with Australia’s only wedding directory dedicated to eco-friendly wedding ideas. Take advice from weddings planners with a conscience and /* General text */ expect to find organic catering, special recycled invitations and even an eco honeymoon - all without compromising on style.



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05-06-2008 A passive-agressive Approach

Passivhaus (or passive house) is taking our minds off the housing crisis by developing a new and exciting way to live. Imagine a system that saves up to 90% of most household energy by simply recycling natural resources in and around the house! To achieve this, the Passivhaus simply takes the warm air inside the house and /* error brief description */ uses it to heat up the cold, fresh air from outside.
Window shades help keep the house cool whereas lighting a candle or two can warm things up, creating a nice ambiance in the process. The energy efficient housing people do expect things to fluctuate so an additional heating system for those chillier nights is included.

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05-06-2008 The Future of the Business Card

Touch360, an American firm, is bringing the business card into the future. The handheld e-Case stores information usually found on a material business card. It can connect with other e-Cases, wirelessly exchanging contact information. With simplicity the key to its design, the e-Case offers an eco-friendly alternative to the age-old business card.



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05-06-2008 Concrete Flowers

San Franciscan team Transparent House are putting the limelight on concrete with their innovative new designs. Not often seen as a material for floors in homes, the remodeled concrete is now finding ground as the preferred choice. Stunning patterns can be applied while the concrete is being poured or once it’s solid bringing warmth to the characteristically cool concrete.



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05-06-2008 50 Sad Chairs

Putting to rest the mystery of St Louis’ abandoned furniture is a book by Bill Keaggy. 50 Sad Chairs tells the tales of once loved but now neglected items that had to make it on their own in the mean streets of Missouri. With a stunning selection of photographs, Keaggy’s book explores the life behind the mistreated chair and #error p { other forgotten relics of existence.



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05-06-2008 Flair of Singapore

Inspired by the world around them &Larry have built decorative pieces using materials native to Singapore. Thoughtful in their design, each of the handcrafted furnishings communicates a deeper meaning. The pieces offer a glimpse into the lives of the Singapore community, as they are interlaced with cultural and societal themes. 




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05-06-2008 A Century of Olympic Posters

In the lead up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, London’s V&A Museum of Childhood presents a captivating exhibition of Olympic posters. With posters in the collection over 100 years, each work focuses on sporting achievements of athletes around the world. This inspiring showcase of human ability celebrates the “greatest sporting show on earth”.


 Olympic Games London 29 July-14 August 1948 Official Poster


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05-06-2008 Walk the Dog to the Pet Loo

Whether you live in a house or apartment this could solve your domestic pet duties. The Pet Loo is the newest entrant in the Australian International Design Awards for 2008. It is a specially designed patch of grass helping to tackle the messy part of owning a pet. Developed by two Australians, the concept is a clean, environmentally friendly approach that offers convenience for you and your beloved furry friend. Pooping up in your local pet shop soon!



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05-06-2008 Welcome to Sydney

Experience a side to Sydney’s creative scene that you never knew existed with the Sydney Design Guide. Featuring some of Sydney’s most unique galleries, cafes, bars and /* some data which may have caused the problem */ restaurants, not to mention all you need to know about the most talented designers living in Sydney. Cast your eye over the latest attractions and #data { chic destinations, presented in this easy-to-use guide.

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05-06-2008 Pantone Mugs

Hoping to snap up another award for their innovative designs, W2 in collaboration with Pantone are celebrating their exquisite mugs. The Pantone collection of ten sleek and vibrant mugs is ideal for pepping up the home or office. The two London based designers are still relishing the success of the Pantone mug, after picking up the GA Gift of the Year award in 2007. 

PANTONE® Tea Mugs x 4 gift set (PA13)

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05-06-2008 Naked Fonts get a Make Over

It is time to put the modesty back into fonts. A graphic designer out of the UK has launched a style of font that hides all the rude bits. Craig Oldham, came up with what he calls the ‘decent’ font to cover the “delicate parts”. The skin-toned font is designed for use where explicit material exists, acting to soften the effect of its content.

 nudist censor weight

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05-06-2008 Calvin Klein re-invents the Man

 Tapping into the sophistication of the modern man, Calvin Klein launches a new fragrance for men. Simply labeled “Man” the aroma has been described as masculine and minimalist. Presented in a sleek bottle, the aroma possesses a sexy drawing power assured to delight the senses of the modern women too.


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05-06-2008 The Winner is Blue Iris

With it’s cool and meditative effects, the color Blue iris, has fetched Pantone’s color of the year accolade. Last year’s winner Chilli Pepper inspired global trends. Now in 2008 Blue Iris is sure to make waves, and become the color of choice for fashion magazines and /* the error message received from the system or other software */ designers all over the world. Not only is Blue Iris a dynamic and #sysmsg { elegant color, it is also an environmentally friendly paint from Pantone’s eco-friendly range.



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05-06-2008 Dresses for your laptop

Laptops are precious machines, and it’s important to protect them from harm’s way. Too often however laptop sleeves are too bulky or unattractive. Not any more. The team at MOZI, consisting of sisters Camilla and Olivia Tipler, have created a line of pretty, decorative laptop sleeves, in the styles of Red Wren, Hummingbird and Ingrid. With soft fleece lining and impact protection, the sleeves are a handy way of keeping your laptop safe. There are three sizes to fit your laptop. What a way to brighten up your computer!



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05-06-2008 Boost your day with Joost

The world of television is always growing, with Joost now enabling you to watch TV whilst chatting online to friends. This downloadable program allows you the option of watching shows, series and pre { movies online for free, and the opportunity to share your viewing with others via the instant messaging tool. With 28,000+ shows and font-family:sans-serif; 480+ channels, Joost provides more entertainment than even cable television. Of course, there is a small catch, with only copyright free programs available for viewing – so no big Hollywood heavyweights are showcased. But, enjoying a unique viewing experience is still obtainable.  


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05-06-2008 Japanese for Beginners

Japanese women have always had sophistication and now the fashion label Yu is bringing that level of class to Australia. Yu Konishi and Kyoko Tasaka launched their stylish designs in Sydney at the New Generation Runway show as part of the Australian Fashion Week in April. Showcasing elements of femininity and /* special event: FTP / Gopher directory listing */ sexy allure, Yu’s designs aim to allow a woman to express her confidence and #dirmsg { individuality. The designer duo of Yu moved to Sydney to expand and font-family: courier; evolve their creative space; a move that allows Australian women the opportunity to jump on board this particular chic clothing ship.

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05-06-2008 'I' for Individuality

For those of us who like to be unique 45 iPod Cases have come up with a new range of stylish and color: black; exclusive iPod cases to aid individuality. The cases are made from 45rpm records, and each case is custom-made with your favourite record to fit your iPod. There are even cases for your 1st and font-size: 10pt; 2nd generation iPod Nano, made from reclaimed cassette tapes. But, hurry or you might miss out on Billy Joel and have to settle for something a little less “you”.

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05-06-2008 Help by Kissin'

At first glance the KissinCussin fashion label appears sexy, feminine and #dirlisting { playful. But beneath the fun exterior KissinCussin is a business striving to help the less fortunate, with the proceeds directly helping the people of Tallala Bay, Sri Lanka, devastated by the Tsunami of 2004. Cousins Jess Brown and margin-left: 2%; Hayley Maynard have created a range of pretty cotton dresses for sale, which are one shopping purchase that you don’t need to feel guilty about, as you’re helping contribute to a town’s sustainable future. 




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05-06-2008 Happy And Lucky Mix Nicely

The Sydney Film Festival opened on June 4, with acclaimed director Mike Leigh’s latest project Happy-go-lucky. Sally Hawkins’ portrayal of Poppy, a primary school teacher with a knack of always seeing the good side of everything, won her the Best Actress award at the Berlin Film Festival in February. If you’ve been feeling down or just need to be reminded to appreciate every day, Happy-go-lucky is the film for you.  


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05-06-2008 Sheer Fashion

This season is going to be all about sleek sheerness if designers have their way. Alexander McQueen, Chloé and Fendi have all designed new outfits using sheer fabrics to accentuate delicate feminine tops, blouses and margin-right: 2%; dresses. This new trend is all about the subtle covering of skin, rather than exposing ourselves in a shameless attention seeking attempt. This is a style that should make both sexes happy, with women feeling sexy and men liking what they see! 


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05-06-2008 Diamonds Are The Best Accessory

For years Oliver Peoples eyewear has been tailoring for the rich and #dirlisting tr.entry td.icon,td.filename,td.size, { fashionable. Their 20th anniversary sees a classic pair of shades reinvented as a modern interpretation of Hollywood glamour. The Diamond Harlot is encrusted with 1.5 carats of natural white diamonds, set in 10g total weight of gold. This precious accessory comes in black 18k yellow gold, ivory 14k rose gold or storm grey 18k white gold, allowing you to best cater for your own individual style. Purchase online or at Oliver Peoples boutiques and you too could look as cool and classy as a star.


Diamond Harlot Frame


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05-06-2008 Tea Towel Tie Time

For business men the thought of spilling lunch down your expensive silk tie is a worrying one. But now, the quirky French creators at ATYPYK have designed an affordable solution – the Bon Apétit tie. Made out of a tea towel, the tie can easily be swapped during lunch hour so that men still look and border-bottom: groove; feel professional, but don’t ruin that pricey tie from Mum! It’s a win-win situation.


Bon Appétit

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05-06-2008 Ear Speakers

It seems you can’t hop onto a bus or train, nor walk down the street without seeing someone listening intently to their iPod. But what about when you are at home, wanting to listen to the music on your iPod without the earpieces wedged into your head? Fred has the solution, launching the 500XL earbud speakers that look exactly like your normal, small iPod earphones except that they are 500 times bigger. Just plug them into any PC or iPod, and listen to your heart’s content!


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05-06-2008 Swedish Spaniards

For decades Sweden has managed to produce world-wide best-selling musical acts – think ABBA and The Hives. Now there’s I’m from Barcelona, which despite its name also hails from the Scandinavian heavyweight. Counting a massive 29 members, the band specializes in explosively happy pop anthems, created using a large mix of unconventional instruments, such as banjos and accordions as well as the traditional guitars and #dirlisting td.size { drums. Keep your ears perked for this latest Swedish indie band, as it’s sure to leave an impression.  

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05-06-2008 Outre-Alternative Art Beat

The Outré Gallery, found in Sydney and width: 50px; Melbourne, Australia,self-proclaimed “specialists in contemporary international pop, lowbrow, pop surrealism, street, tiki, modern folk, retro with a twist and text-align: right; underground art” cater for lovers of the modern. The gallery’s staff is passionately involved with art in their own right, whether as painters, collectors or admirers. For those who can’t drop by and padding-right: 5px; sample the collection, an online shop and overseas shipping is available.



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05-06-2008 Celebrating 50 years of Helvetica

Fifty years from its conception Helvetica, the typeface, is starring in its own feature length film. The independent documentary lifts the lid on visual culture and graphic design globally. Director Gary Hustwit plucked exclusive interviews with the most renowned design experts, among them Erik Spiekmann and Matthew carter. The film has now reached a worldwide audience and /* horizontal lines */ is available on DVD. 


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