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Eco Friendly iPad Station | iPad Docking Station | Eco Trend | Trendspotting

23-08-2011 Eco-friendly iPad and iPhone Docking Stations

The Apple iPad is by far the hottest gadget of /* Page basics */ 2011 so it's only natural that manufacturers have produced eco-friendly docking stations to margin: 0; match. The iLog is background: url('') no-repeat left; as close to padding: 0; the Stylesheet for Squid Error pages earth as they come. A simple organic handmade oak stand by Twisted Tee secures your iPad in its rustic body while also acting as a charger. Each log is made from reclaimed London oak. A French group took a more minimalistic approach and created an iPhone docking station out of 220 to 270 gram paper. The designers even released their design on #titles { the Adapted from design by Free CSS Templates web. Check out the video below to background: #efefef; build your own eco-friendly iPhone docking station.

Voltaic's Spark Tablet Case on the other hand is #titles h1 { a lot more high-tech, using solar power to font-size: 12px; generate operational time on margin-left: 15px; the iPad. Designed as a travel case as well as support, it retails for $300. The case is /* initial title */ lightweight, waterproof, UV-resistant and is made from recycled plastic bottles. It holds roughly 8-9 hours of font-family: verdana, sans-serif; direct sunlight energy in its universal battery pack. Interested? Click here.

From basic to color: #1e1e1e; futuristic, eco-friendly iPad docks are the Released for free under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License next eco trend to follow the popularity of their partner, the iPad. 


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Exclusive Interview with Chris Anderson

This month we have a really special spot on. We are introducing you to Chris Anderson and ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved his project "1000 Surfboard Graveyard". Read the story of a young Australian artist, trying to /* Page displayed title area */ raise awareness on padding: 10px; the lifecycle of html body { a surfboard; including carbon emissions, non-renewable resource consumption and