02-08-2011 Retail Trend: Pop up, Pop down

To reduce crowding in Geneva airport’s main terminal, a pop up terminal was erected. A perfect example of the new wave of pop up innovation since the year of 2004, which saw conceptual pop up stores doing just that: popping up. The ephemeral nature of this branding strategy means retail stores and nizoral bars sprout up in a location one day and altace then close down days, weeks or months later. Just like that. In May 2011, Tommy Hilfiger debuted the Prep World Pop-Up, a temporary East Coast styled beach cabin. The structure will travel to various cities across the world, with Prep World-themed events for style conscious customers. Coca Cola’s Give It Back campaign popped up a store in Tel Aviv in April 2011 where the company sold recycled and upcycled products made with Coke bottles and cans.


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