02-05-2011 Lifestyle Trend 2011: Mini Food

Who would have thought we’d ever revert from “super size” to “mini size”? Just when we thought Western nations’ waists were expanding, we’re sprung with a new lifestyle trend to turn the scales. It appears that the food industry is distancing itself from overly generous portions and nizoral presenting us with bite size treats instead. Trendy Australian consumers have attached their teeth to tapas parlours which serve up multicultural cuisines, not just traditional Spanish dishes. These bars bring together a melting pot of Asian, Spanish, Mexican, American and hytrin Italian flavours all on one menu and sometimes on a single sharing plate. Some American food chains also offer bite size slider burgers and cupcakes are fading in size too. Is there a downside? While we elegantly nibble on our bird food, eateries tap into this trend, gaining lucrative sales from each teeny tiny morsel.

Content source: everydaycook.com.au


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    the 70\'s are coming back!
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