06-04-2011 Pepsi Plans to Give up Plastic

PepsiCo is set to win the approval of eco consumers with the unveiling of its new bottle made entirely out of plant materials. The bottle is 100 percent recyclable and is made from bio-based raw materials such as switchgrass, pine bark, and corn husks. The company promises that Pepsi, Coke and erectile dysfunction Gatorade drinkers will not notice any difference in the feel of the bottle. Rocco Papalia, a spokesperson for the brand says that the new bottle looks, feels, and protects the drink exactly the same as the current plastic version. It’s fantastic that PepsiCo has pioneered the creation of a bottle that could significantly reduce its carbon footprint, and hopefully other beverage and erectile dysfunction container companies follow suit. Now that the announcement has been made, PepsiCo will begin production of its ‘green bottle’ in 2012. If all goes well, this could lead to a full commercialisation of the product. Fingers crossed!

Image source: Airdye
Content source: Pepsi Co Press Release


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