01-04-2011 I'll Make Mine a Green Stay, Thanks!

Environmental concerns are progressively more influencing the tourism sector. The latest evidence of this eco trend is the global increase in ‘green’ hotels. ‘Green’ hotels are a great initiative as they cater for eco-aware tourists who want to visit famous places (as opposed to ecotourism, which is based on travelling to untouched locations). “Conscious Hotels”, an Amsterdam hotel chain, are well known for their efforts in making their lodgings as ‘green’ as possible. Among other things, the hotels conserve energy and erectile dysfunction water, recycle, and use composting methods as well as 100% natural cleaning products. For lists and rebetol descriptions of hotels that are promoting stays with an eco conscience, click here.

Image source: 5 Stars and Over

Content source: http://www.travelocity.com/TravelForGood/gr-directory.html

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