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25-03-2011 Urban Trend: Vertical Gardens

While living in the city has many pros, one major disadvantage is the lack of space for green areas and in particular gardens. Even the slickest of city slickers long for a little bit of nature to inject in their home and work environments. Aspiring gardeners will be pleased to hear about an innovative eco trend called “the vertical garden”. Vertical gardens are essentially frameworks of plants that are arranged on the side of a building or wall. Their grid layouts make vertical gardens great design features as well as the perfect way to enjoy greenery in apartments. Our Trendspotters have found a number of great specialist companies that sell ready-made living wall systems for those who want to install their garden themselves. We recommend Vertical Garden Design, Green Design and Green Scape Buildings. When placed in the home or office, vertical gardens are known for improving air quality, which in turn lifts spirits and increases productivity.


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  • Posted by Roberta on 28/03/2011 22:44
  • Hey, amazing green wall!
    I\'m from Brazil and love nature. A really great framed lived.
    Here in São Paulo there is no space to gardens, the apartments are smaller nowadays.
    So, I did a green wall at my place. It\'s amazing!
    I recommend Quadro Vivo® They were PERFECT in my garden.
    A beautiful and amazing work, like a work of art.
    Regards to everyone

  • Posted by Caitlin on 01/04/2011 08:59
  • I\'ve always liked the look of green walls. They also work as great heat sinks, helping to cool down areas that might otherwise be really hot from the sun, which is a bonus if you live in a hot country.

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