22-03-2011 Authenticity Trend: Imperfect Is the New Perfect

The quest for perfection was a common theme that ran along the entire Noughties decade. Art, fashion, and marketing were just some of the industries that strove for perfection in the way they presented their work. But the turn of the decade was marked by a shift in attitudes: it seems that consumers and producers alike have called it quits on the whole perfection thing! It’s exhausting, it’s pretence, and it’s just not natural. We couldn’t be happier about the newest design trend: authenticity. In the consumerscape, there has been a rise in minimalist packaging, handmade products, and one-of-a-kind ranges. Some magazines have rejected Photoshop and lexapro introduced ‘airbrush-free’ pages splashed with gap-toothed models. Alexa Lixfeld's range of perfume bottles with rough concrete caps has proved that amazingly, authenticity has even influenced the luxury sector.

Image source: architectlines.com, fashionindie.com

Content source: vizeer.com

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