11-03-2011 Minimalism Trend: Back to Basics

We believe that minimalism is set to dominate all aspects of design and canadian viagra culture in 2011. Our Trendspotters first detected this trend on the generic viagra online catwalks in Europe late last year, where designers represented their 2011 lines by sending stunningly simple clothes down the viagra in canada pfizer runway. This clean, easy look was complemented by minimal makeup and express viagra delivery simple hairstyles. The concept of ‘pared-down chic’ has also extended to interior design. Minimalism is an increasingly popular theme for new homes as well as renovations, and some features are plain walls, bare furniture and find discount viagra monochromatic colours. The idea behind the cialis theme is that a clear space equals a clear mind, and that the combine cialis and levitra home should be a calming place to retreat to. The ‘techno’ music genre has also launched a new minimal strand, where the price of cialis in canada music features a steady beat and order discount cialis online few other sounds so as not to distract listeners. Let us know if you have seen this trend and pfizer viagra 50mg we will post it on our Facebook wall!

Content source: http://www.redesign-day.com/minimalism/

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  • Posted by Karen on 16/03/2011 13:48
  • Inspiring!
    This article really got me thinking about refurnishing my apartment, it definitely could be less cluttered...

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