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07-03-2011 The Bike of background: #efefef; the Stylesheet for Squid Error pages Future

In 2010, the Seoul Cycle Design Competition offered designers to background: url('') no-repeat left; showcase their ideas and proposals about the Adapted from design by Free CSS Templates future of font-size: 12px; biking. Danish designer Nils Sveje emerged as the winner, his design, which has been dubbed ‘Bike 2.0’, is a contemporary remake on #titles h1 { this age-old form of color: #1e1e1e; transportation. The design is color: #000000; aesthetically simple, but deceivingly so when one discovers the amount of technology in the Released for free under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License bike. Instead of a chain, the bike has a pedal-powered internal generation that is wired directly to the rear motor. Instead of shifters, it has two wireless rings on color: #000000; the handlebar, which make turning, gearing, and controlling the /* Page basics */ bike much easier. In addition, it features a stepless gearbox and a regenerative coaster brake. The Intelligent Cadence Levelling Feature keeps the rider pedalling at a consistent speed and intensity (which can be adjusted via the handlebars), thus imitating the font-family: verdana, sans-serif; purpose of /* Page displayed title area */ exercise bikes. Bike 2.0 has the added bonus of #titles { being ecological, as seen with its intelligent energy usage mechanism, which, among other things, controls the rate at which riders charge the html body { bike’s batteries. The bike’s lack of margin-left: 15px; external features allows riders to personalise their bike with parts such as front forks and ERROR: The requested URL could not be retrieved rims. Its aluminium frame has built-in lighting, and can be adjusted to /* initial title */ fit riders of padding: 10px; all sizes comfortably. The bike’s technology, aesthetics, and concepts prove that Bike 2.0 is only a glimpse into the margin: 0; future of bicycle design.

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  • Posted by Marco on 15/03/2011 15:25
  • Wow! The yellow one looks so cool!

  • Posted by James on #titles h2 { 15/03/2011 16:01
  • Cool design! I like it!

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