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07-03-2011 Energy from your Balcony

Until now, apartment residents have struggled to find alternative ways to produce their own energy and ‘do their bit’ to protect the environment from unnecessary harm. While people in private homes have the option to install solar panels and wind turbines on their roofs, those living in apartments often only have a balcony to work with. Designer Jonathan Globerson has solved this problem by inventing the Greenerator, a compact solar and wind energy collector that can be easily installed on an apartment balcony. It is also known as the “Residential Green Generator.” The design resembles a high-tech wind chime, and features a vertical wind turbine and flexible solar panels. As such, the Greenerator produces clean, renewable energy without relying on external sources. The energy generated by the Greenerator can be used to power computers and other appliances in the home. The good news for the environment is that the Greenerator can save 2000 pounds of CO2 emissions annually. Residents would also be pleased to learn that according to the designer, each system can reduce an apartment’s electricity bills by 6 percent.

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  • Posted by barbara Fischer on 15/03/2011 15:11
  • Guys - I LOVE this generator of energy. it\'s amazing! Please post my blog.

  • Posted by Anna on 15/03/2011 16:00
  • That\'s such a brilliant idea!!

  • Posted by Jonathan Globerson on 19/03/2011 04:00
  • Hey Guys,
    This is the inventor of the greenerator,
    If you would like to contribute somehow of making this project real,
    shoot me an E-mail, let\'s see what you could do to help us win the war of green energy!
    Look what\'s happened in Japan, we must start immediately pushing stronger green energy!
    Help me save the world!
    Jonathan Globerson
    jonglob @

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