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Design Trends | Trends 2011 | Hotel Trend: iPads in Top Hotels

01-03-2011 Hotel Trend: iPads in Top Hotels

Upmarket hotels are always looking for ways to maintain their five-star rating, and many are becoming increasingly tech-savvy by providing iPads for their guests. In fact, the iPad is set to be a feature of all top hotels in 2011. Earlier this year, The Corporate Traveller named the

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top emerging trend for the
hotel sector. Some luxury hotels are putting tablets in rooms, and others such as the Sofitel, are offering guests the chance to use the iPad at check-in and in the hotel’s lounge areas. The Australian Business Traveller also released a report on this trend, saying that iPads are being used in select hotels in Australia, America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and that the number will only increase.

So far, the response to the trend of iPads in hotel rooms has been overwhelmingly positive. The iPad’s appeal lies in its big display, sleek look, novelty, amazing range of applications, and online services. Its plethora of uses benefits hotels by attracting guests and travellers by making their stay a little easier and enjoyable. A poll conducted by USA Today in late 2010 confirmed the demand for this trend, with 61% of hotel guests wanting hotels to make the iPad available to rent or use for free.


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