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Lampshade trend | Innovative Products | Design Trends

24-01-2011 Brighten up your home

Who would have thought lampshades could be so interesting? Combine a simple lampshade with two creative designers from the Sunshine Coast and the result is a design trend that can uplift every room. Seven Dandelions sells a range of original, hand crafted lampshades that will be a great addition to the décor of your home. These designers believe that lampshades can change the feel of a room and as such, they have produced lampshades for every taste. They have retro, floral, and child-friendly themes for their prints. Look closely and you will see the incredible detail and embellishment that goes into each design. The Seven Dandelions website has an online store and plenty of information about the label.

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  • Posted by finishing on 07/04/2011 07:37
  • I\'ve been searching in google for some new ideas and accidentally found this site. I have to say that it\'s a unique blog! I like how particular each of the entries are. They are well balanced - funny and
    informational - and the pictures are great too.

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