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Masterchef Cooking TV Shows | Innovative Products | Lifestyle Trends

04-01-2011 Take pleasure in cooking

 If we had to pick one lifestyle trend that really took off in 2010, it would have to be the renewed interest in cooking. There has been a major shift in the way people think about cooking. Instead of seeing it as a duty, many people are now enjoying the process, presentation, and the

final product. It’s easy to pinpoint how this trend came about. In Australia, reality cooking show “Masterchef” revived an interest in cooking. After the

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success of “Masterchef”, the popularity of reality cooking shows exploded. “Junior Masterchef”, “Iron Chef”, and “My Kitchen Rules” are just some of the
shows riding the same wave of success. The cooking show phenomenon is not unique to Australia. America has a “Cooking Channel”, which features competitive cooking shows like “Hell’s Kitchen” and “The Chopping Block.” In Germany, “Das Perfekte Dinner” rakes in millions of viewers each week, and in Italy, “Casalinga TV” teaches viewers how to cook in a traditional Italian way. Also, 2010 heralded the arrival of ‘celebrity chefs’ in Australia and around the world. Some big names include Neil Perry, Gordon Ramsay, and Rachael Ray. The cooking trend is making us expand our culinary tastes and try new dishes – we love it! 

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