06-12-2010 The Urban Uber Baby

Ubabub has designed the pod; a cot for the modern, innovative baby out there. Using the pod is a lot like placing your baby inside a cozy, cocoon-shaped cot, nurturing and benicar hct cradling the baby until it becomes a butterfly, uh, toddler. The pod cot is made from recyclable materials and smooth, rounded edges, clear acrylic sides with star-shaped cutouts, providing extra airflow and vermox a way for the parents to keep an eye on the baby. Once it’s time for the baby to fly from its nest to tackle the big bed, the cot converts to an adorable junior bed, one of the more seamless transitions of life.


Image Source: www.urbanbaby.com.au

Content Source: http://thedesignfiles.netwww.ubabub.com


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