08-11-2010 A World of Colour

 What does your interior world say about you? Do you represent the Mardi gras colours? Or are you urban pink, fresh salmon or a startling green? Neutral colours need not restrict you anymore. Unleash the colour palette within by adding a bit of ‘pop’ to your interior surroundings. Colourlovers show you how, with spectacular examples of bright, springtime colours that won’t dominate your surroundings. These design ideas take a single feature and apply bright, conceptual colours to create a refreshing and natural colour scheme in your home. Be inspired with colourful ideas to brighten up your world with customised rugs, colourful benchtops, wall features and more.


Image Source: www.colourlovers.com

Content Source: www.dwell.comwww.colourlovers.com


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Exclusive Interview: Ben Heine

On our quest for outstanding designers we recently came across Ben Heine in Brussels, Belgium. Ben is a painter, illustrator, portraitist and photographer who has developed amazing design concepts such as "Digital Circlism" and "Pencil vs. Camera". We interviewed Ben and asked him where he draws his design inspiration.