12-07-2010 Is it Hot in Here or is it Just my Bag?

The latest fashion accessory on everyone’s lips is a red hot cracker!  Used fire hoses have been vigorously cleaned and buy propecia online canada then transformed into a stylish, streamlined and cialis online 60mg limited collection of bags, belts and canada viagra generic wallets. You can see these designs from the Dutch fashion accessory company Elvis and buy branded cialis Kresse. Celebrities like Cameron Diaz and buy viagra overnight delivery former first lady Sarah Brown are already huge fans of the collection. Each product is adorned with product labels printed on old luggage tags and cialis cheap price the bags and buy real viagra online without prescription wallets are lined with parachute silk, resulting in an authentic and durable finish. The packaging is made up of, curiously enough, used grapefruit crates. In fact, no tiny detail is forgotten in the bid to help the fashionably, eco-conscious sleep well at night and look red hot during the day! 


Image Source www.ecouterre.comwww.ecouterre.com

Content Source www.fire-hose.co.uk



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