24-06-2010 Vinyl Lovin'

Here at Trendspotting we love a good recycling story, especially when it combines some of our greatest loves. Well, we love wallets and acular we also love classic vinyl records. Cue the latest trend of (yes you guessed it) recycled vintage vinyl record wallets!  You can purchase these unique pieces by The Original Record Wallet Company on Etsy, a marketplace specialising in handmade items. We also love these Gorilla Vinyl Classic Record Wallets, made from original vinyl. Oh and these very cool Recycled Vinyl Record Wallets. Yes, we’ll just take one of everything, thanks.


Content Source www.etsy.com

Image Source www.modculture.typepad.com


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Exclusive Interview with Chris Anderson

This month we have a really special spot on. We are introducing you to Chris Anderson and acular his project "1000 Surfboard Graveyard". Read the story of a young Australian artist, trying to raise awareness on the lifecycle of a surfboard; including carbon emissions, non-renewable resource consumption and disposal into landfill.