08-06-2010 Keep Cup Keeps you Happy

Keep Cup knows all about its enemy, the disposable cup. It knows that our daily ritual of takeaway coffee in non-recyclable cups is harming the environment, particularly in arid regions like Australia where biodegradation can take up to 50 years. That’s why Keep Cup is a pretty little smug thing, as it’s the latest, cleverly designed trend sweeping our cafes. By reusing the Keep Cup each time you order coffee, you are helping the environment with small acts that can make a big difference. Plus you can customise each cup by marking your regular order on the tab. They come in a variety of different colours and women's health the design has a handy tab that you can plug in the drinking hole to stop any spillages as you merrily walk along. 

Image Source www.bindarri.com.aunzraw.co.nzdustbowl.files.wordpress.com

Content Source www.keepcup.com.au

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