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Innovative Product I Eco Trends I Solar Sun Station

19-01-2010 Our Savior, The Sun Station!

We’ve all been there – running frantically around from café to café trying to find a power point before the laptop dies. Never fear. Take a look outside, German innovator, Julene Aguirre-Bielschowsky has created our new best friend, the Sun Station. This extremely helpful and ecologically friendly innovation uses solar power to create energy, which in turn charges any electronic device. And the best part? It’s free for the public to use – so don’t need to buy that unwanted sandwich or coffee at the café just to use a power point! Soon, The Sun Station will be popping up in public areas – parks, train stations, bus stops and town centres, just to name a few. Your mobile and laptop will never die!

Made of concrete and teak wood, this ingenious piece of furniture is powered purely by solar energy, so use the Sun Station to charge your favourite technology the greener way.

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  • Posted by Suzan R on 20/01/2010 08:25
  • I wonder when they\'ll be in Sydney. Hopefully in Hyde Park!

  • Posted by Robbie Walsh on 20/01/2010 10:41
  • Love it! Cool idea. When are we gonna have this in Australia?

  • Posted by Summer White on 20/01/2010 13:02
  • This is a great idea. Open air cinema throughout the whole year! (minus rainy days, of course)

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