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Waterproof iPod Speakers I Innovative Product I Lifestyle Trends I

19-01-2010 For the

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Ipod obsessed...

Now you can really sing in the

shower and listen to your favourite tunes while lazing around in the pool – and you’ll never have to part with your beloved Ipod again. Introducing Atlantic’s new waterproof Ego Ipod speakers. “But I’m scared it’s not actually waterproof and my Ipod might die!” you blubber? It’s waterproof, alright. Atlantic’s Ego Ipod speakers ensure your Ipod keeps nice and dry with its special airtight latch, and is safe and sound in a durable shell that is triple-fortified. And there’s a bonus – the plastic case is shatterproof, made from polycarbonate – it’s tough – so that not only is it good in water, it’s great if you’re a bit clumsy and drop your music machine quite often). Yet never fear – even with all this covering, you can still easily work the clicker wheel.

So if you are as big of an Ipod addict as we are and need your best friend whether your inside the tub or outside in the pool, get your hands on one of these! Visit for more info.



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  • Posted by Warwick Peal on 25/01/2010 15:52
  • Are people THAT obsessed that they need their Ipod in the shower? That\'s hilarious.

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