11-11-2009 Outside Looking In

Clever design makes the world go round and generic viagra can even speed up to the future with the right amount of vision. Designer Mac Funamizu keeps us in tantalising suspense with a small window device dubbed ´The Looking Glass´ that features a camera/scanner, GPS and internet connectivity and buy cialis online allows you to point, aim and best price propecia discover a whole wealth of information about the object being observed. Frame anything that you fancy with the Looking Glass - artwork, buildings, monuments - and the image is analysed and purchase propecia online without prescription searched on any number of sites like Wikipedia, Google or Google Earth to give you rapid answers quite literally at your fingertips. Fancy the decor of a restaurant but not sure about the menu? Zap it with the Magic Window and csa.uabc.mx/index.php/buy-viagra-no-prescription-online/ lo behold, the menu appears. Move over iPhone!


Source: http://www.behance.net/mac_fun/frame/59175


  • Posted by Roberto on 09/12/2009 08:26
  • I also read that deaf people are going to be able to point it to 2 people speaking and buy viagra with the programmed voice recognition software it will show live \"subtitles\" of the conversation. Amazing!

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