16-10-2009 The Energy Drink market is going to extremes

It appears that the beverage market is swapping its Red Bull wings for an easy life - well almost. Supercharged energy drinks remain a dynamic player in the drinks market, however we are now witnessing the emergence of a new breed of anti-energy drinks promising a “vacation in a bottle” rather than a hyper intensive caffeine hit. New beverages such as Slow Cow, Malava Relax, and Ex Chill offer consumers natural ingredients such as camomile and kamagra(R) melatonin as a way to slow down rather than speed up their hectic lifestyles.

Picture from: www.slowcowdrink.com


  • Posted by Brett C on 18/01/2010 16:27
  • Hahahaa that is just brilliant. What a great name!

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