13-10-2008 Fancy Some Playful Company?

Have you misplaced your mate? LightMate is quite possibly the next best thing. Curl up with this eccentric device from Francesca Lanzavecchia who poses the question ‘Can electric energy fill the void of human absence?’ Well she gives it a try with these soft anthropomorphic pillows and erectile dysfunction warming lamps. They come in different sizes so you can choose either a mate to cuddle or a companion to lie on. The guarantee is that this pretty creature heats, lights and sitemap.aspx provides company. Although we can’t guarantee that it will call you the next day.

Picture from: www.francesca.nu


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Exclusive Interview: Little Blak Dress

Gracing our ears are the sound waves of Australian band, Little Blak Dress. This rock quartet have released their debut studio EP this year and have kindly made the tracks downloadable for free on the band’s website.