24-06-2008 Wear Your Inner Child

In a world where unique and cartia xt edgy accessories are hard to find, Claire Suzy Stannard is intent on making sure her work stands out. Utilizing her most inspiring memory of channeling her inner child, Claire’s jewellery appeals to an audience wanting to do the same. All about distinctiveness, Claire’s pieces aesthetically utilise a variety of mediums including white bronze, brass, gold, feathers, leather and &sa=U&ved=0CK8BEBYwH2oVChMIzIfHhdHuxgIVyzcUCh0cSgGP&usg=AFQjCNHHbQmFCl0C7JDqbreygkSR5FbOeQ sterling silver. In particular, her unisex wristwraps are striking, and are able to be customized with lyrics or quotes. Check out this collection if you desire to exude individuality.


Picture from: www.clairesuzystannard.com

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  • Posted by Stuart on 17/03/2010 17:29
  • Just to let you know that Claire\'s online boutique has just been relaunched at http://www.stannard-inc.com.



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